Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Alaska - A Link to the Past

*Raises eyebrow*
What is that on my browser? A link to a site. Odd, I don't remember seeing this before.
*Clicks link*
WHOA! What IS this? I swear, this looks almost...familiar! Haven't I seen this site before? Wait, it's talking about me? It's even got stories about me?! WHO WROTE THIS?!

Oh, that's right. I have a blog.

"Welcome Back!" You might say to me. "Long time no write!" I might say back. I wouldn't, though, because it really hasn't been that long since I've written. Oh, on the blog? Well yes, I've not written on my blog for a while. This is how it seems to go, doesn't it?

Well nothing too noteworthy to write about, really, other than the differences of serving back in my home congregation. (So I guess that means that there really IS a lot to write about) I will post about that, though, as I think that the reflection shown to us in the mirror of time's passage can be quite the read, really. You might actually really like to read some of those thoughts. That will have to come at another time, but it is certainly coming. (Haven't I said that a lot?) ((Oh, and also I wanted to write about some of the privileges I've enjoyed since coming home, like witnessing to an entire SUPER RURAL Russian Village))

Remember when I said that there was a game changer coming? And remember when a good number of my readers thought I meant I was dating? HA! Don't make me laugh. No, really, don't. I have a cough lately, and my chest is sore. Laughing hurts. I will find a significant other at some point, but I'm not at that point in my life yet. This game changer is something else entirely. I'll give you a hint, but not now.

In a few months, start to keep your eyes open for a new link on my blog, leading you to a hint. Sure, I could just tell you, but where's the fun in that?

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  1. I have a personal guess about the game changer. Time will tell if I am right. :) We wanna know!