Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Alaska- In Between

This is a very NON-visionarily minded post, mainly due to the fact that I'm just too lazy to pull out my camera and shoot away again.
Have you ever wanted to know what it means to be a 'Need Greater' when you're 'in between'? By 'in between', I mean in between ventures, of course. Well, I can tell you JUST what it is like.
And more Work.

Very near the time I returned to Alaska, there I was, stressing over money and funds and bills and my broken car. "Oh, Jehovah, HOW am I going to make this work? I'm so poor, and my car is broken, and bills are due, and bla bla bla, and whine, whine, whine." Stupid little boy that I am, haha. Why might I say that? All of a sudden a noise rang deep in my stomach, chill as the coldest of nights. A noise, though, that would prove to be my saving wings.
A text.
Now, when I'm REALLY stressed out, the last thing I want to do is talk to someone, and at this point in my life, I was very tired and oh, OH so very hungry. Those, combined with the stresses of my funds, made for a rather unpleasant day. So eventually I finished reeling over the pain and inconvenience of a text and began checking who dared to text me at such an inopportune time. It was a sister that I just KIND of knew. I don't dare use her real name, so let's call her Batgirl.
So Batgirl texted me. Long story short, this my version of what she said.
"Hello! This is Batgirl! Do you want a job working for my father?"
I called her. It was a job working with a Fire and Flood restoration company in Homer, Alaska ran by brothers. A lot of it was working on a demolition crew. The pay was better than my current job as a caregiver. The Fire Flood company doesn't work late or on weekends, so I could be at meetings and work my normal job on Saturday and Sunday (Remember, at this point I have all my Pioneer hours until September, so the last few months are dedicated to work). All I had to do was be prepared to work, work, work, and then work. Then, when I was done working, go back home to work, work, work, and work. The only downside was that Homer is about a 2 hour drive from my current home. Where would I live? parents had just bought a cabin about 20 mins away. Perfect!
Long story short, I went from a desperate situation with little hope, to a chance to work my wee bum off in order to survive and thrive! All with one text. Thank you, Batgirl. I never knew you had a 'save Trevor's butt' tool on your utility belt.

Most honestly, however, thank you, Jehovah. I still don't know what my problem is, and why I cannot just get the hint that you're going to take care of me but what a weight it was to feel you lift that monster off my shoulders!

Now my life consists of working as a care giver on the weekends in Kenai, Alaska and working as a demolition crew guy on weekdays in Homer, Alaska. Then, I have Kenai congregation meetings with my privileges I have assigned to me there, and going to Homer meetings as well, filling in on a part here and there when needed. Add into that all the responsibilities of a large family with many adopted and special needs children, and every now and then doing something for myself. Jehovah keeps Trevor a busy boy.

This, my friends, is part of what it is like for a 'Need Greater' to be 'in between'. Yes, saving for a new Skyline (hopefully a more long term one) is hard work, but we know that we are afforded the 'Power beyond what is normal' to help us accomplish Jehovah's will here on this earth. Thanks indeed for reading along, and for sharing this little piece of my Skyline with me. More posts to follow, fear not! Maybe even a few pictures, haha!

~Trevor (Aniki)


  1. bra I hate being a inbetweener! Bc this is exactly what Im going through right now haha but thanks for writing this post man! really encouraged me. Keep up the good work and hopefully see you soon!

    1. Erik, dude! Being an inbetweener is so hard sometimes! You've really got to keep in your head that you're not there for anything but preparing for your next venture, however that may fall into place. Keep it up, dude, I'm rooting for you! (Ps, still saving for Dec, hoping I can come! I haven't forgotten! Luv you, bro!)

  2. Honestly! How many times do we have to have Jehovah come through for us to quit worrying the next time something comes up? Thankfully he is so patient with us. Glad to hear you plans are on track!

    1. OH the patience Jehovah must have. Wow. Haha, so true! Thanks for reading!

  3. Well, brother... Don't know how you still can pioneer, with working on weekdays and on weekends... Admiration though!
    And yes, it is good we rest our burden with Jehovah, he always comes around for us!

  4. I know the feeling as well!! But it somehow worked out for me to come back to Bologna-it will for you too : )