Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Italy- A Small Blog for the Small Things

Hey, you! Sitting on the couch, wishing you had more to read about Trevor?
Ever think that you don't get enough of his awesome writing?
Ever want to see some of the little things that he can never seem to include?

Not anymore! With 9 simple payments of $14.99, you can read Trevor's brand new 'Mini Blog"!
Or, you know, you could just click the 'skylinetumbls' link on my links section.


For all those little things that I can never share, now you can be let in on the smaller side of blogging. I call it my skylinetumbls micro blog! Check it now for updates on my recent trip to Napoli, Italy!

Ciao for now, readers!

Ps. Don't worry, this is still my main blog. :]

1 comment:

  1. Nice try with the "9 simple payments of $14.99"! Like I would fall for that *she had her card out*.

    ...I have got to get rid of that narrator!
    *never gonna happen*