Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Italy- A Skyline Worth Following

 *stretch* Dear Readers. I suppose I should uphold my side and clarify. After taking some time to pray about it, research in the Watchtower Library the principles of whether or not it would be blessed, consulting with some trusted elders and C.O.s, and get plenty of rest to better understand it, I have finally gotten it figured out in my head just enough to tell you all.

(Forgive me. I'm super excited about this, so I am going to be trying super hard to be calm in this post!) 

For 6 years, I've had a desire deep in my heart that has not been able to be forgotten. Nope, its not a sister. Sorry to break it like that for all you romantics out there. Sure, that will come someday, but I don't think that day is here yet. The post from my 'Prelude to Africa' blog on Sunday, August 1, 2010, reveals what this is all about:

Not everyone's cup of tea, but honestly said: I love it there. So I've decided to pursue serving in Japan. I will put as much effort into Japan as I have into Africa and Italy. This will be the first time that I've actually reached out for something that I truly wanted. Africa and Italy are both amazing blessings, but neither have I been actually excited about like I am with Japan. Hopefully within the next year or two, I will be in Japan. More information to come. :]
I've been encouraged to reach out for additional privileges to be of more use to a congregation. So as of June 25th, I'll be returning home to do just that. From there, I will be better equipped to reach out for Japan. Perhaps it is time for it now, as before I would be too unprepared. The long and the short of it is as said.

Readers, ask away. Any questions? Any opinions or comments? Comment box below. :]

Whether Jehovah does indeed bless this new venture, this new skyline, I am appreciative for all that he has done. Of each of the three areas he has directed me, each has been amazing and worth it in differing ways. Bethel, Africa, Italy. Each one has its own blessings, experiences, and its own avenues where my growth has been spurred on. That being said, these words go out towards Jehovah.

Thank you, Jehovah, for showing me how to do the impossible. Thank you for the friends you've given, thank you for the hardships you allowed, and thank you for the innumerable blessings that I will never fathom. Thank you for your forgiveness when I'm weak, and thank you for your patience when I'm deceived. Thank you for clearing up my illusions, and for fixing my broken body. Thank you for your humility when I am haughty, and thank you for the mend when my heart has shattered. Thank you for overlooking my naivety, and for loving my imperfections. Thank you for not allowing my sins to cover your eyes, and thank you for allowing me to live for you. Thank you for never giving up on me when I give up on you, and thank you for not forsaking me when I've forsaken you. Thank you for giving me what I don't deserve, and thank you for helping me deserve what I won't take. Thank you for your strength when I seek my own, and thank you for seeking me when I am lost. Thank you for a hand when I've lost my soul, and thank you for a shoulder when my spirit is crushed. Thank you for helping me find myself when no one else could, and thank you for the supports, both earthly and heavenly.

And Jehovah,
Thank you for showing me many horizons, many adventures, many perspectives, and for continually giving me a Skyline Worth Following.


PS. For an awesome experience about the usefulness of our invitations to our meetings check out Eric's blog (found in my links section) entitled 'To Good to be True' from Thursday, May 17, 2012! Its a great experience!


  1. Congrats my brother!!! Such a goal will surely be blessed by Jehovah!!! May your journey back home help you to " thoroughly accomplish your ministry" and equip you for the challenges and blessings In store for you in this new territory.

  2. Whatever and wherever your skyline takes you kid.... Just know that since E bldg stairs to Croatia and more times to come you got....... DOG!! you got a cool cell phone that will work internationally. SUPER DOG'ed that one eh! Haha I wish I was that portable so that I could travel with ya! hehe bang*bang* gotchya!

  3. Thats amazing! Congrats!! May Jehovah continue to bless you and your future plans. We have so much to be thankful to Jehovah for, and you couldn't have expressed it better! Pleaee Keep writting, you have an avid reader here in Bolivia :)

  4. Whaaaat? Japan?! Woah. Did not see that coming. (Do you catch a hint of sarcasm? Heehee) I am thrilled for you, truly. You have certainly demonstrated that the sanctification of Jehovah's name is the center, pivotal anchor in your life. You have cast aside comfort, fear and doubt in pursuit of your service. Jehovah is sure to bless you no matter what spot on this globe you head in. Not a thing wrong with going where your heart pulls you! Jehovah loves a self-sacrificing spirit, but he also wants us to be happy and content in our assignments, and gives us room and freedom to explore what that means for each of us. How exciting! I look forward to hearing all about it!

  5. *stab* Ouch! I see how it is. Not cool man...not cool.

    In all seriousness, I hope for the best and that it all works out. It is a wonderful opportunity to work with such hospitable and self-disciplined people. I've learned a lot from the patient friends in the Japanese congregation, I'm sure your experience will be just as great as your last if not better. Keep up the hard work and Take care!

  6. Trevor. Youre killin me here. The woman at reception gave me a very puzzled look as I'm sitting here at the computer trying to hide my 'about to ugly cry' face. Your words are beautiful and I'm a sap anyway..so yeah, very touched by that post..will probably be going back to that on bad days for a pick me up many times to come. As far as your goals go..jah has used you before and will keep guiding you as long as you keep him first, keep up the good work and heart felt love for Jehovah and his service. In the meantime, I will be encouraged from reading your posts :)