Friday, April 6, 2012

Italy- Introducing: Javan and Eric!

Ciiiiiaaaaaaaaaooooooo!!!!!! Greetings, readers! What's up? How you doing? Yeah? That's nice. How's the family? The family pet?
Thanks for visiting my blog again. I know cool people like you only like to hang out in cool places. Like here.
*fist bump*

 I want to introduce you to brothers that are serving with us now from Hawaii! (friends with Zach) They are Eric and Javan! After Italy, they are going to be serving in Israel, but for now we get to enjoy our service with them. I'll include both of their blogs about their adventures in my links, so pay close attention and you'll see it soon, along with pictures. Thank you very much for reading, everybody! I love to share with you adventures and experiences! I appreciate very much each one who follows along with me. 

Until later, Ciao for now.

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