Thursday, April 12, 2012

Italy- Learn From My Fail

10 Facts About You:

1. You're reading this right now.
2. You're realizing that this is a stupid fact.
4. You didn't notice I skipped 3.
5. You're checking now.
6. You're smiling.
7. You're still reading this even though its stupid.
9. You didn't realize that I skipped eight.
10. You're checking again and smiling about how you fell for it again.
11. You're enjoying this.
12. You didn't realize there's only supposed to be ten facts.

So I thought of a number of ways that I might be able to open this post, aside from the 10 facts. Eventually, I decided that I wanted to try impressing on you the wonderful blessings of being able to enjoy reading and hearing about brothers and sisters throughout the world that are serving as wonderful examples of faithfulness and endurance despite the difficulties of the wicked world that we live in, thus spurring us on as we realize that we are fighting side by side and shoulder to shoulder with such ones no matter their backgrounds by using the second sentence, followed by two realizations in the fourth sentence. Those being that the second sentence was ridiculously long and that the two realizations I promised actually landed in the third (current) sentence. Then I would follow that up with the fact that even though the two realizations actually came in the third (previous) sentence instead of the fourth (current) -where you most likely check for them in the third sentence- you would finally be enlightened with the revelation that the promised realizations did indeed come in the fourth (current) paragraph as promised and not the third (previous) as previously suggested, and that you're confused to the point of preparing to reread the paragraph.

Then I decided to include a Learn From My Fail Session, straight from Bologna, Italy!

    Never go to a coffee shop in Italy and  ask for a cappuccino doppio. I promise you, you will not get a double shot cappuccino, but rather the largest cappuccino known to man served in a beer mug. The workers will both laugh and give you confused looks, as you feign confidence that you ordered exactly what you wanted. LFMF

    When there is an announcement on the bus and everyone suddenly jumps off with worried looks on their faces, follow. Refusing to do so will lead to the next stop not being where you thought it would be, as that announcement was actually telling the passengers that the bus had switched routes. LFMF
    Don't forget to pay for your cappuccino and walk out. Being yelled at in Italian is much more stressful than being yelled at in English when you don't speak Italian and are struggling to figure out why everyone is yelling and waving their arms at you. LFMF

    You're in Italy, and most people don't speak English. You can say pretty much anything you want and most will not understand you. But remember. You're in Italy, and MOST people don't speak English. You can say pretty much anything you want and MOST will not understand you. Mathematically speaking, it is only logical to assume that some DO speak English. You might not know this until you say something rude about the person sitting across from you in the bus. That person will be from America. And they will be upset with you. LFMF

    Check the guest list. LFMFriend'sF

    If you're from an area of the world that doesn't touch very often and you tend to be less touchy, remember this when moving in with 4 guys from Hawaii. They tend to be more affectionate that you might be used to. LFMF

    Practicing Italian is a great idea when you're living in Italy. Read newspapers, read signs, read menus, read books, etc etc. Don't read the graffiti. Just because you don't know what it means doesn't mean the Italians you're with don't. LFMF

    Generally unacceptable in many areas of the world, turning your head and sneezing in a stranger's face might get you in a very awkward situation. With your snot on their face, they won't care that you didn't know they where there. A sneeze in the face is a sneeze in the face. LFMF

    Remember that the city has inconveniently placed phone booths all throughout the city on the sidewalks. Keep this in mind when looking down at your iPod while you walk. LFZech'sF

With all having been said and done, I leave you to whatever comes your way. Ciao for now!



  1. Wow! I don't know if the tears are from laughter...or...from...laughter.

    Great post. Very good reminder.

    1. Cry from both! Crying is good for...something I bet.

  2. How could you??!! I trusted you! Lol

  3. I can't tell you how hard I'm laughing. I love the LFMF blogs. Sounds like your having fun. Here's a tip: I work at an Elementary school and I've learned that telling little boys to keep their hands to themselves seems to work fairly well. But if that doesn't work then just make them sit on their hands for 5 minutes. That will teach them! Remember though, that this has only been tested on Elementary level boys. There's no telling what will happen with "older" little boys. It might backlash.

    1. Good tip, thanks! Sorry if your sides hurt. *shrug* Maybe its a new work out?

    2. I just read that comment again...what in the world did you mean by that sitting on your hands bit? I don't dare ask for an explanation...