Friday, March 30, 2012

Italy- Back to the Drawing Boards

How did we get to the point to be back at the drawing boards? We made if 3 more months! I might be able to express it better than Zech did if I really, really tried, but why not just take the lazy course and let him do it for me? Plagiarism! Check his post for the details, or read them here! His site is in my links.

Here is a snippet from his blog:
"our celebration consisted of pigging out on McDonalds food in the middle of piazza Maggiore..on the ground.. In a full suit.. Mixing the styles of sophistication and homeless people..who would ever do such a thing??? US! lol seriously.we just got back from Bosnia.nuff said! Wednesday night after the both of us had parts on the meeting we both seriously crashed big time.. From a 4 day long Road trip to visiting Lucas home town in Verona to meeting parts and service.. We needed comfort food that we normally don’t allow our selves to eat… I had mine with a beer( McDonalds serves beer here) and Trevor had a diet coke.. A LARGE ONE! haha definitely time well spent and calories worth consuming! So it is now Friday… We spent two long days in service and we are back to the drawing boards.. HOW TO GET INCOME??????? that is the question… Will it be through teaching english? Will it be getting a work permit? Will it be returning to America for a few months and then flying back to italy? Will it be begging on the streets? Or sleeping on the streets? Haha well the circuit overseers visit is in a few weeks and we both are planning to sit with brother Hodson and get his advise.. Perhaps we get our cards sent to bologna and apply for MTS?? Who knows!!? What do you think?? Any ideas?? Feel free to let us know! Thanks for reading!"
True story, readers! We're here until June 25th! I know that in one of my videos I said July, but I was soooo wrong. My bad.

Croatia was worth it. If you guys ever decide to go to Croatia, let me tell you what, AVOID Ploce. We did not like it, no no no. (From 'The Land Before Time', anyone?) All along the coast, though, was amazing. We even jumped in the water for a frozen swim! Alright, it wasn't really THAT cold, considering I've been in frozen lakes before, but I did expect warmer. Watevs.

From this point, we're going to see what we can do for income. As Zech said, if it doesn't work, then we're considering a lot of other options. Many of you have said that I could write for some side income, and may I please serve up a hearty plate of "THANK YOU", because I'm actually looking into that now. :] I'll be oh so sure to update you on everything that comes up. Thanks for reading! Keep your eyes on those Skyward Paths!



  1. Awesome, three more months :) About income...what about freelance english(esl) teaching? I mean becoming a freelance English teacher can earn you a much higher income. I know a sister who makes a good living with freelance teaching, she even has a site: I don't know it was just an idea.

    1. Hey, you know that isn't a bad idea. Right now we're looking at pretty much anything that can help. Thanks for the suggestion and for reading along!

  2. Hey Trevor,
    I'm glad you have been able to extend your stay!! That's so exciting!! After a couple months of stressing and MANY prayers about how I will ever get back to Bologna or if Jehovah even wants me there, I actually just got an opportunity to work as an aupair for June and July in Tuscany! It is not a done deal just yet, but if it does work out my way to Italy will be paid for!! I figured I might as well stay for three more months to serve again in Bologna but I wanted to get your input and advice on how I would be able to extend my visa like you and Zech did. Would it take more than just flying in and out of the EU? I would imagine it would be harder than that.
    Congrats again on getting to stay longer in Italy!! Just keep your car moving and Jehovah will steer you where He wants you!


    1. Hey, Kim!
      WOOOT! So...that means you're coming? Honestly, just leave the EU and come back in. We got stamped that easy. We rented a car and drove. Easy. (Need an international driving license, but that seems easy to get)

    2. Yeah I'm coming!! Crazy, right?? Are you and Zech trying to stay longer? Your answer kind of leads me to more questions...isn't England out of the EU? (I'm basing that soley on the fact its not on the euro) I was thinking of just getting a cheap flight on ryanair to London, but would that work? It seems cheaper than renting a car and the gas to get out of the country. Can I get an international license here or do I have to wait til I get to Europe? Also I'm going to have to miss my convention in the States so I need to go to the one in Italy. Do you know where it is? I'm trying to figure out how I can get there...kinda freaking out right now!!

  3. So you actually visited Verona? I hope you had a look around Lake Garda. Funny how you ended up being where we lived for years and years, while we're on the side of the world. Well good for you both regarding the visa, we're sure Jehovah will bless your efforts in staying there, no matter what, if it's his will.
    PS. You're in Italy and you end up eating McDonald's junk food??? Seriously???

    1. I know, right? The whole time I was thinking about how funny it was that I was now in Verona, let alone Italy. It was great there, honestly. Too bad that I didn't get a chance to see lake Garda, though. My bad.
      Thanks for the comment.

      Ps. Sometimes you need something comforting. Calories and gutrotting fastfood is sooooooo therapeutic.