Friday, April 20, 2012

Italy- Life's Chapters

I was looking back on some of the posts I've written while I was in Africa. I found one that encouraged me anew, and I wanted to re-post it here. As I read it, I compared my thinking now to then. Here is part of it. See if you might remember it.
"My name is Trevor, and I will not let the pages of my history write themselves any longer. Now, I have begun to write my own page, my own story. From ashes I've been taken, and from the pit I've been saved. Placed on my feet, I start to walk on my own with my God, my Father. Hand in hand, I have begun to learn what it means to walk with Jehovah, no one in my stead.
No matter how gradual, no matter how painful, this is the start of childhood's end, where a boy learns to become a man and learns to walk on his own with his God.

My book of my history will tell of a time when the world was collapsing, spirit forces were warring, and the fabric of everything mankind had ever known was about to shatter. It will tell of a time when everything ended with a climatic war of all that is holy against all that is evil. When all has occurred, and the world reshaped, I'll always remember back to a time when we defied all odds and survived the destruction of the world because of the power of our God.
Until then, the pages continue to turn. Friends come, friends go. Enemies rise, and enemies fall. New chapters start, and old ones are remembered. Come what may, I write this on my own, now. Someday, I'll have a compliment to both me and my pages, but for now it is Trevor and his God. I could not be happier with what Jehovah has given me. Thank you, Jehovah, my Father and Friend.

With this said, I feel free to express the following. 
Life's Chapters come and go. They both bring and take, heal and hurt, cure and infect. Characters come, and characters go. Some leave, some are seen again, and some are even taken. But the pages continue to be written.
One day you wake up and realize that a chapter is ending, and a new one is about to begin. Your perspective switches just a shade, ever subtle but ever powerful.
My skyline set before me anew, one chapter is closing again, and a whole new one is about to begin. This new chapter is uncharted and unseen, but with full confidence I've started writing it. More powerful than any preceding chapter, this is a game changer, readers. More so than any other.

June 25th, I will be flying home. I will not be returning to Italy, sadly, but instead allowing the ink to dry, so to speak. The preparation for my next venture. 
More information will come when I have it all figured out, but rest assured, friends, you'll hear of my plans soon enough.
Once again, thank you so much for reading. This little guy loves to share, and loves for you to read along. Soon, when I will settle for more long term periods, you'll be among those that know where I came from and how I got here. I'll continue to blog for myself AND my readers. Thanks, all.

Requests!! Ask away. :]


  1. It is what it is my friend.such is life. Especially "this life in which we live".. You know that the truth is yours and that Jehovah is Real when you are personally led by him.. I WILL MISS you and you know that. I WILL take advantage of the next two months with ya here and who knows.....jah bless "bu". Wait why am i sayin goodbye.... Im in the kitchen... Move over i wanna sleep already. Hahah

  2. Dude!! I guess we are just meant to meet in passing!! This time it's me arriving a few days before you head out.

  3. I remember the's been great. Looking forward to your next venture. Zech, ganbatte where ever you are.

  4. I DO remember that post! I remember reading it just before I found out Dad was sick. I still love the statement, "I will not let the pages of my history write themselves any longer. Now, I have begun to write my own page, my own story." At the time it seemed like the pages of my history were being written for me, spiraling out of my control. But looking back now that is so far from true. Time and unforeseen occurrence are beyond the grasp of control for any of us. It's how we react and what we do with the unfolding of events that writes the pages of our history. Will we grow? Will we be humbled? Will we learn a whole new depth of reliance on Jehovah? Those things we have full control of, no one or nothing can wrench that from our grasp unless we let them. Can't wait to hear of this new chapter that is beginning for you!!