Sunday, March 25, 2012

Italy- Update

Looooong story short, everyone, our road trip to Croatia idea worked! Who knew?
After 5 countries, 4 days of adventure, countless towns, strange people, learning experiences, gut busting laughs, friendship-strengthening arguments, and the most interesting places used as a toilet I've ever experienced, Zech and I are here for at least 3 more months, extending our stay to July 25th! 

Soon I can write more about it, but I'm rather busy at the moment, sorry. Check my Flickr page for pictures and videos, on the links tab to your...right? I can finish uploading the pictures, too, so keep your gorgeous eyes out for those as well. *wink*
After 3 more months, we assess the situation and go from there!

Thanks for reading!


Ps.  Below are some highlights of the shot, including the car we used, some stuff we saw, etc etc. Bla bla, you get the idea. Ciao for now!

Zech Driving

Monselice, Italy

Venice, Italy

Me entering Slovenia (Obviously)

Our Car

Omis, Croatia




  1. You look like your having way too much fun. Try not to get yourself into any trouble please. :)

  2. Kaley- ...Fine.
    Jennifer- Woot!