Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Italy- Days of Rain, Snow, and Shine

Once again, readers, I grace the scene of the internet world with my whinsome words and elegant hairline to bring you all an update of the wonders and incomparable inner workings of my mind. Like clockwork, all the gears turn and rotate to form the fantasical ticks and tocks of my noggin's massive clock. Clockwork, people. Clockwork.
On a more realistic note, allow me to let you in on a few of the things I've seen and done here in Bologna Italy.

Yep. It's true. The field ministry here is wonderful, as you might have heard me mention before. We have walked through the rain, the snow, and the sun to find studies and interested ones. Currently, I have four studies, but one that I have high hopes for is named Taiwo. He is a younger guy with a heart of gold. On every study he has off the wall questions that he has been looking for answers to. For instance, last time we studied, we were on studying the last portion of the first chapter in the Teach book. It went a little something like this:
"Excuse me, I have a question."
"Alright," I said, "fire away."
"If I go and marry out of the church, is it adultry?"

I'm thoroughly unaware of how that came into his head, but it does show that he is indeed thinking a lot about biblical things. I have a lot of hope for this young man. I could possibly get him to study nearly every day of the week, if only I had the time for such a venture.
Other studies are nice as well, all in their differing ways. Some of them are unable to read well, so we need to bring out the brochure from the Society in order to teach them. I have one of those myself now, so I'll be able to learn as well. How in the world will I learn? I find that the ministry here is a very balanced experience. Not only are we teaching both about the bible and sometimes how to read and write, but they share with us their experiences in life, giving us a little more to think on every time. The Africans are not unintelligent people, not at all. They are full of life experience, even though many of them are still young.
It is quite common to start a day at 7am and work until nightfall, pulling 12, sometimes 13 hours in a day. Having no job yet, it makes it very easy to get my time, as it is quite common to start a day at 7am and work until nightfall, pulling 12, sometimes 13 hours in a day. But even without that blessing, the ministry has become very refreshing, really. Why is that? Well why do you think? Let's be honest, everyone. If you don't keep your guard up, sometimes Pioneering may take on the feeling of being 'all about the hours', and less about the people. So how can we combat that? Think about it. With the right focus in the ministry and much less distraction, we can focus on the people more, helping us all to reevaluate our ministry and our motives for said ministry. Are we going out so that we can fill in that little box with 70+ hours, or are we going because we know that we promised our study that we would be there at that certain time, that the brothers are looking forward to seeing out face as we greet them early in the morning for service, or because (tired as we are) we promised Jehovah that we would spread his glorious good news? Having been given the privilege of being able to try so many different types of the ministry in different areas of the earth has helped me keep my focus on the reason we have a ministry, and not just the numbers I fill out at the end of the month. Just a passing thought regarding my ministry.

The congregation is also a wonderful blessing. Though small, there are brothers and sisters from all different areas of the world, all bringing their own different experiences and thoughts together to contribute to the workings of a congregation. Italy, Africa, USA, Germany, England, etc etc.
Due to a smaller Body of Elders, they are happy to have Zech and I, as we are both Ministerial Servants. We have the privilege of many talks, both locally and abroad. For instance, for three weeks I gave three public discourses in a row, two of them in other cities about an hour's train ride away. All of that along with various other talks on the service meeting and such, let alone our busy days of the ministry. What training we're getting here, both as young men and as brothers in the congregation. I go home totally and thoroughly exhausted many times, mentally incapable of writing a simple email. But somehow, we never seem to dread it. We never seem to wish that it was different. Why? Call it Jehovah's Holy Spirit, call it the feeling that we've done good work for Jehovah despite our obvious failings, call it having a small taste of what the brothers do every day for years and years and years. Call it what you will, I call it a blessing.

~Efforts To Stay~
  Zechariah and I are trying very hard to find different ways to stay here in Italy long term. Complicated as it is, we are confident that it will all work out as long as Jehovah is backing it. If not, then we will try again and again until it is obvious that Jehovah is directing us elsewhere. Part of it might entail finding work online so that we can have income without taking work from the Italians. We are currently looking for different jobs online. Once again, it is all a matter of prayer!

For now, dear readers, I leave it to you to either read or disregard. If anyone has any requests or questions, I would be happy to reply. Either here or via email, ask away!

A Big Fat PS. to you all:
If anyone has ideas for online jobs that you know are legitimate, please send me an email with any details that might be of assistance. :] We're looking for something to support us, but we've no idea where to start! Ack! Help us if you can, and keep us in your prayers!!


  1. My mom works for a company that teaches English online over Skype. She teaches students as well as trains new hires to teach. She is also involved in the hiring process. I told Zech about it but I wasn't sure if he had passed on the message.


    1. Thanks, Kimmie! We're smack in the middle of that now, so here's hoping it works, huh? :]

  2. hey! this is bruno, we were in brazil for three months (i think you may have seen our blog which hasnt been updated) and i jus wanted to let you know that i enojoy reading your experiences very much and actually it was a great encouragemente reading it while we were in brazil, those days that we just wanted to pack our bags and come home it would lift us up. anywyas, keep up the good work.

    1. Yeah, I've read your blog! You just posted a new one, right? I have yet to read it, but I'll get there! Trust me, I thoroughly understand your feelings. I felt a good measure of that in Africa, but what a blessing to stick it out, right? Especially coming from some that have kept on it for so much longer than I have. Thanks for the example worth following, Bruno!
      Ps. If your last name was Mars, I'd laugh. Just saying.

  3. Hey Trevor! Love reading your blog. I have a question, are there any other avenues of service that the English congregation works or even the Italian congregation for that matter? Like here in Florida we have letter writing, business territory, Phone witnessing ect. Do they do the same or maybe something different?

    1. Hey, Kaley! Check the next post, I addressed your question. Let me know if I got your meaning, okay? Thanks!

  4. Don't take this the wrong way, but you did ask for suggestions. You can learn about olive oil, and possibly work at a factory, as a trainee doing something with olive oil. Like the Person above says, you can teach english. Or. you can get to know a humble sister and marry her. As a young man the possibilities are endless. Just don't wince at the last suggestion.. heh.

    1. I can be completely honest when I say that I never considered learning about olive oil...haha, that sounds so random, but go with what works, right? As for learning how to teach English, I'm working on that bit.
      That humble sister part doesn't sound to shabby, if only I could find a single one. Tch. Well that sounds about as rude as possible to all the single sisters out there. Ignore that part!

  5. Hi, Trevor! I'm an avid reader of your encouraging blogs. Keep them coming. I got an email from my friend who just recently established a website for online jobs anywhere in the world. You might wanna check this: h May Jehovah continue to bless your efforts.

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  7. Hey Trevor and Zech--you will both be in my family's prayers. We hope very much that you'll be able to find work that will enable you to stay in your current assignment for as long as you are needed. Love to you both :-)