Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Italy- Adventures and More

-->Sherry, Cooper, Joseph, Arielle, Zechariah, Me, Phillip-->
Hello, readers! Sorry, but this post has nothing to do with Italy. Why? Can you guess what I've been doing? I've been going to London, that's what! Let me take a moment and tell you about it. I went with 6 other people, two of which I room with. We visited Bethel and got lost in the city. What do you think is the best way to get to know a busy city? Get lost.

Here is a rundown of my second trip to London.

1) Nearly got abducted by a crazy guy in London, until he realized that we outnumbered his 89 year old balding self.

2) Saw a side of some of the people we traveled with that I've never seen before.

 3) Showed a side of myself to some of the people I traveled with that they've never seen before.

4) Ate a lot. 

5) Was given the opportunity to enjoy once again the London Underground (subway).
6) Felt like a sardine again in the London Underground (subway).

7) Toured the whole city, ending up by spending 5 hours on the Airport floor with our whole group, waiting for our flight.

8) Enjoyed 46 waking hours, 2 sleeping hours, and subsequently came from the plane, took a bus to the train station, to a neighboring city in order to give the public talk as a guest speaker. Thank you, Zech and Arielle, for coming with me.

9) Took a snap load of pictures
That's me.

10) And Honestly, had a wonderful time.

 Thanks for reading this 'filler' post! More 'Meat and Taters' Posts to come. :]



  1. i loved reading this post because i LOVE london!!! i was there for a week in 2006 and just had an amazing time, as it seems you did as well! i really enjoy your blog,and it inspires me to try to set a goal to serve where the need is greater - something i've always wanted to do but never thought i could...but i'm inspired to try harder to make it happen.

  2. Ugh! I miss London so much! Did you see the hospital across the river from Parliament? I stayed there for 3 nights!

  3. (Sarah)
    Argh! You NEVER said you were going to London!!!!
    So not fair!!!!! I guess I still have to love you! Please get a snapshot of a BLUE police phone Box!