Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Italy- Let God's Will Take Place

This last Sunday, the Bologna English Congregation enjoyed the Special Assembly Day Program: "Let God's Will Take Place"! Here are some highlights of it, without giving away the program, of course.

I know you're jealous.
Taiwo and I in the center. Naturally.
So get this. The English Congregation for Bologna has about 35 publishers, right? In order to get to the Assembly Hall, we hired, not one, but two buses. That's right, people, TWO. Why would we need to get TWO buses to take 35 people? Not because we're spoiled and wanted to roll in high luxury, but because our studies came as well! All in all, we numbered 100 people total! Even my best study, Taiwo, came! BOOM. We came into the parking lot like celebrities, two full buses of people ready to bust out and pour into the crowds.

Lunch Time

Friends and Studies alike

Totally Italian on the left, right?
Making friends, listening to Jehovah's Spiritual buffet, and taking pictures, we were very busy indeed. They even used us brothers as Attendants, adding to the work! A sister from our Hall cooked dinner for ALL the studies, so us brothers chipped in to cover the costs. She prepared rice and chicken, helping many of the African Brothers feel right at home! Look at these little guys all spiffed up. Classy, classy. Makes me look like a crumpled piece of paper.

After the Program, we talked to a brother that gave us some useful advice on what it takes to stay longer here in Italy. There are so many hoops to jump through that it is hard to keep track of them all. Zech and I have tackled one at a time, and are determined to press ever on, provided Jehovah keeps supporting it! I'm getting my certification right now as an English Teacher, which might prove useful as a way to get permission to stay. Maybe not, though, haha. We'll have to see...

Anyway, I'll share a few more pictures now.

Practicing Italian

Still Practicing Italian

Heading Home

Ha! Did you think I forgot??? Well I didn't! One of my readers, Kaley, said: "Hey Trevor! Love reading your blog. I have a question, are there any other avenues of service that the English congregation works or even the Italian congregation for that matter? Like here in Florida we have letter writing, business territory, Phone witnessing ect. Do they do the same or maybe something different?"

Kaley, thank you for your comment. (Like how professional I make this sound?) There are a few ways that we spend our time here in the ministry here, but nothing really unique as in different avenues of service. Really, the biggest difference in HOW we accomplish it. For instance, being in the ~English~ field makes the ministry a very targeted work here in Italy, as comparatively few speak ~English~. Nope, I'm not sure why I included the squiggly lines. Here are some of the ways we use the normal avenues.

Station Work: We go to the train station and watch for those that we might think are English Speakers. They can be African, which makes it easier. Or maybe as we walk around, we hear some speaking English. That makes it very easy. We approach them and just show some personal interest, and the conversation ALWAYS goes to "What are you doing in Italy?" "Well," we could say, "Since you ask, let me tell you!" Then we just tell them why we chose Italy to pursue our ministry, and ask if we could share something with them.

Street Work: Street work is easy here. As with the station work, we listen for English, and approach those that we think might be English speakers. African ones are always easy to find, and many of them speak English. Most, really. Just the other day I met a man named Christian who was from Sudan and spoke English. After a conversation, we ask for their phone number, and we keep in contact that way. Very simple. Keeping it active, now that is another story. :]

Studies: As for studies, it is quite easy to start one. After the initial contact, we call them up, make an appointment, and meet them across town, in their shops, in the Refugee camps, whatever and where ever. Some days there are multiple studies, so we cruise all over town trying to catch them all in time. Sometimes it is a bit difficult, as they have something come up or are unable to come, but we get used to it rather quickly. Sometimes things just get in the way, right? Besides, this is very much similar to Uganda, so I'm already used to it. :]

I believe that might just sum it up. Does that answer your question, Kaley? If not, cyberpunch away and ask me to clarify!

Here is another heartfelt expression from the 'kidney' portion of Trevor (if you read your bible, you'll know what that means!). Readers, thank you for your support! Let's be honest here, alright? If it wasn't for you readers, this blog would be useless. Seriously, thanks for all the support and comments, it means so much to humbly little ol' me! Am I the most popular person on the internet? Nope. But that is fine with me, because I'm cool enough in person, right guys?



  1. Wow.. I'm surprised everyone left you hanging like that. Lol. I enjoy reading your blog very much. I read about your adventures in Africa, waited what seemed like an ungodly amount of time, and I'm now enjoying Italy. I hope that someday I can work where the need is greater and have such great experiances. Keep writing! There are probably more readers than you think. :-)

    1. Aw shucks. It seems strange to have someone read along all that time. Honestly I sometimes forget that people are actually waiting to hear an update! Thank you for reading along, I really, really do appreciate it!

  2. You just made a response i need to write Soooo much easier!! Lol ctrl+c & ctrl+P

  3. Keep on writing, Trevor! I've been readiing all along, though I haven't been commenting (I so bad). There aren't adequate words to express how exciting the growth there is. I update my pioneer group regularly. It is such a treat to hear your experiences. A window into a corner of the world we might not really hear about otherwise. I'm finishing up the yearbook accounts of Rwanda and between that and stories of what interested ones there have been through it is so sobering. It is heartbreaking to hear of what they have been through and makes me grateful for every little thing, but it's also heartwarming to know Jehovah is bringing deserving ones comfort. Keep up the good work! I so hope you get to stay. If it is Jehovah's will... it's as good as done! :-)

    1. Jen! Good to hear from you again! I trust you, don't worry! I am a little surprised you kept up on it, seeings how I never update and it is scattered brained, but I do appreciate the reads. Even with a full life, it is refreshing to take some time every now and then and just veg with an experience, you know?
      Thank you as well for the encouragement. I shared that last sentence with Zech, the brother I am here with. I really appreciated it, and thought it to be a solid point. Even when we know something well, and we already heard it before, someone can say something that unlocks it in your head and your perspective is broadened. Thank you for doing that for me!

  4. Thanks for answering my question! I asked because a few years ago a sister from London visited us and she had never heard of phone witnessing before. So now I'm curious to find out if other countries have different avenues of service than I'm used to. Keep up the good work and have fun!

    1. Hey, Kaley! I'm glad it did indeed answer your question. Thank you for reading! Reese's pieces!

  5. Aaaah Medole!!!! Best Assembly all ever!!! Miss that jewel of the Organization. And by describing the type of field, you bring a lot of memories back. Good and bad, but still memories. We're glad you're liking it. Keep it up ok? Don't get discouraged if italian system sometimes seems frustrating. IT IS!!! But Jehovah is higher than them right? So just trust in him and he will make your path straight if you want to stay in Italy. So enjoy your experience and don't worry... you're taken care of!!!

    1. Whut up, Chris/Tab?? How are you? Treviso was great, and the people were even better! Do you remember...well I forgot his name. Whatever it was, he remembers Chris from Verona. Not helpful, I know, but the face is in my head.
      I agree. Jehovah is much higher than a complicated system, so it just leaves it to me to be able to find out HOW Jehovah is directing things, you know? As long as the car is moving, Jehovah can steer it.

  6. Thanks for sharing your pics and report.

    It's actually wonderful to see how Jehovah is blessing the foreign filed worldwinde.

    May Jehovah continue to bless your efforts.

    Brasília English Congregation