Saturday, October 29, 2011

Alaska- Panduro's Need Greating Blog

Everyone remember Chris and Taby? They are the couple I was closest to while in Uganda. After plenty of time serving where the need is great in Uganda, Africa, they've moved to another land to pursue Jehovah's will more fully. I am pleased to introduce you to their new blog, detailing their adventures and experiences while in Zacatecas, Mexico.
(I also have updated their link on my blog, so if you look to my links on the...left? you'll see the new link)
Talk about a change! From Uganda to Mexico? Total different side of the earth, and completely different culture. Good news for them is that the language is similar to their own, so the learning curve with not be near as difficult as when they had to learn an African tribal language.
I sure do miss them, but to see them determined to keep reaching out like this is a huge encouragement for me. You see, sometimes it can be difficult to stay enthusiastic about need greating simply because it seems like my skyline is so far away sometimes. However, seeing them push like they are and reach out so continually encourages me and helps me keep my eyes on the horizon.

Thanks for the good times we had in Uganda, Chris and Taby, and may Jehovah be with you in your new adventures! Someday we can meet up again and make new memories!


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