Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Alaska- Bologna, Here We Come!

Throw a coat on and clean the milk off of your chin, we're heading out! That's right, everyone, New Skylines await!
Remember how I kept blabbering about continuing my 'Skyline Path', how I would be need greating again as soon as I had the funds and ability? WELL LISTEN UP, PEEPS. Today, Zech and I just bought our tickets for Bologna, Italy! From January 17th to April 17th of 2012 (3 months), we will be serving in a high need English congregation, and 2 more brothers will be going with us! A total of 4 (perhaps 5) brothers will be joining together to face the field of greater need! WOO HOO!

Perhaps you've heard me say it before on this blog. "Let's be honest, sometimes serving where the need is greater can be challenging and frightening, but the way I see it is I would rather be scared out of my mind for Jehovah than bored out of my mind for nothing."
Those words still stand true for my heart and soul. We face difficult times whether we reach out or not, and sometimes reaching out in further ways adds to such trepidation and fear. Jehovah, however, adds a full reward, many times in ways we cannot expect. Remember that we studied recently about when Peter was released from Herod's prison? The brothers and sisters were praying fervently for him, and Jehovah answered them with a blessing that proved "patted down and shaken", many times beyond what they had expected.
In many ways, I feel as though Jehovah has continually helped me. Did I deserve such help? Probably not. Did I appreciate it? Probably not enough. Am I humbled by it? Certainly.

Thanks be to Jehovah our God who so lovingly supplies us with the courage and strength needed.

I'll be updating the blog the whole time, so fear not avid readers! I shall not abandon you! Adventure awaits, experiences to test our faith await, and times that will be firmly placed in our memory banks will be had! We live in such a monumental time, don't we? It is one that will never be repeated. Think about what a PRIVILEGE we have! Through the literally countless years to come, we will be of a unique group that can tell our story of what it was like to live in the time of the end, to how Jehovah's name was cleared of reproach, and of how we saw Jehovah's purpose finally brought to full fruition as the earth was transformed back into an unimaginable paradise. What an exciting slice of Jehovah's master timeline we've been given!

One last thing.
That is all.



  1. I.AM.SO.EXCITED for you!!! I've said it before, I'll say it again... when you choose to live a life of reliance upon Jehovah, you open yourself up to the joy of seeing him work in your behalf. Personal, intimate, loving attention from our Heavenly Father. So humbling. So amazing. Now THAT is a treasure beyond compare! And how awesome that you will have partners. So different from Africa, right? Can't wait to follow yet another journey! (Found the PERFECT footie jammies, btw. HA!)

  2. I'm excited for you also!! Look forward to the new adventures to be read about here soon.

  3. Jenny- It has been and will continue to be a wonderful privilege to have you all read along! I am so happy that you all would like to share this adventure with me, thank you!
    Deb- I look forward to sharing them, thank you for reading along!

  4. this post is a bunch of bologna

    ; )

  5. Well at least I'm glad you came to a decision. Looking forward to read about your adventures. And Italy means good food, excellent wine and going to Bologna you'll be able to taste the real spaghetti alla bolognese.

  6. I'm excited too!!!!! Can't wait to hear all your new adventures and to see photos

  7. がんばってね. That sounds like it's going to be a wonderful experience! Congrats!

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  9. And I. AM. SO. EXCITED. for you guys to come! This experience has changed my life. It is literally such a privilege to be part of the growth here, we've only been here a year so far and I cannot imagine leaving. We only have 36 publishers.... and 40+ Bible studies were at the C.O. Visit this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 90 were in attendance today, that's more than even our Memorial this year! Pretty sure this should be the place you decide to move. :) And I love your quote, I wholeheartedly concur, it's pretty much spot on! But what's incredible is that, as well as challenging and are going to get exhilarating and rewarding! Bet you can't wait huh? T minus 52 days :)

  10. Tabi and Chris- Thanks! Btw, congradulations on your ability to stay in Zac for at least a year, I love the blog!

    Deb- Me too! (Does that make sense?)

    Nautica- Adventures await, and I can't wait!

    Arielle- Alright, let me be straight with you here. I don't know who you are (lol). Are you in the congregation I'm going to? If so, AWESOME. If not, well then it sounds like you have an AWESOME field! I'm nearing the 50 days mark!

  11. Aren't you the one that's supposed to be staying at my house because you come a day earlier than Zech............ hahahah, and why would I be rambling about how happy I am yall are coming if I didn't live in Bologna!!!! Sorry thought you knew my name since Zech asked if we could pick you up when you get here. Well, now I'm just the creeper that posted on your blog.... greattttttttt intro!

  12. Arielle- Yup, that's me! And Zech did tell me, I just forgot about that part! >.<
    Thanks for reminding me! Don't worry, first impressions are...misleading! Especially when the person you're making an impression on (me) doesn't have the smarts to know you, even though they should. :3
    So hello! I'm Trevor! Nice to officially/unofficially meet you! Anything I should know about Bologna?

  13. hahahahah CREEPER ELECTRONIC STALKER!!!! Arielle!!! lol