Sunday, October 2, 2011

Alaska- Zone Visit & Updates

I got an invitation to the zone visit! Well, to the tie-in for the zone visit. I don't know all the details right yet, but I DO know that I'm going to get to hear the zone visit! I am SO excited!

While we were in Uganda, there was a zone visit in Kampala, but due to complications and hardships, we were unable to go. Sad, yes. However, for some reason, Jehovah has decided to provide me with another oppertunity! I cannot wait. It is perfect, too, because it is one day before our S.A.D. in October, so I have to be in Anchorage (3 hour drive) anyway.

How about a little update as to my need greating?

I've had a few questions from different people regarding whether or not I am still pursuing serving where the need is greater. Allow me a moment to clear up any confusion:
I shall not stopping until my heart runs cold and still.
Being home now presents a lot of challenges, this is true. Some are assoctiated with being a young man, learning how to be an adult. Some are in the challenges of service and a more difficult territory than what I grew accustomed to in Uganda. AAAAAAAND some have to do with just being an imperfect punk, truth be told. Oh, and money is a pain.
Nevertheless. Jehovah has helped me refocus. With regard to his loyal servants, one of the beautiful aspects of Jehovah's personality is his willingness to focus less on what we are, and more one what we strive to be. Yes, Jehovah pays more mind to our potential. Why is that?
Jehovah is far greater than our own hearts. Our hearts have the power to cut us, in all their treachery, even when we expect and hope for their full cooperation. Miserable humans that we may be at times, Jehovah is willing to give us the oppertunity to see ourselves the way he is willing to see us.
In essence, the message is as such: Slave for Jehovah until I expire.
I love the example of Esther brought out in our recent Watchtower. Esther showed wonderful dedication to Jehovah even in the face of danger and fear. (Esther 4:16) What an example to follow, wouldn't you agree?

Thus concludes another post. I hope you enjoyed.
You know, ALSO I hope that my posts have not become so boring that all of my previous readers are now no longer readers. Truth be told, I could update more, but perhaps my expereinces here are not as interesting as Ugandan experiences. *shrug* We'll see. Perhaps I'm not focusing on the right subjects, hmm?
As always, if you have any requests or questions, fire away. :]
Thanks for reading!


  1. We're excited too...we will be tied in to the zone visit at our Plant City Assembly Hall (where we hope you will be a BSSB student :-) Our invitation is for Saturday, October 29. There is also a tie-in scheduled for the 22nd for other congregations.

  2. Keep the experiences coming!The Ugandan experiences are so cool, just don't make these chilly!