Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Alaska- Interviewing Trevor

The contents of this post are unusually serious and well thought out. Do not read if you have medical issues with unexpected occurrences such as these. Do not copy, lobby, paste, taste, waste, chunk, or dunk the contents of this post. This post is not for everyone. Talk to your doctor to see if this post is right for you. If you would like to make a call, hang up, dial batman, and sit on your head.

In order to complete this process of posting this blog, I would like to invite Rovert (the inter-dimensional version of myself) onto the blog stage once more so as to conduct an interview with me!
"Thank you, Trevor. It is good to be here." 
Shall we start?
"Certainly. First off, Trevor, you are looking great today." 
Thank you!
Random Alaska Beach Shot
"Now please tell us a little bit about what has been going on since you left Africa and arrived back home in Alaska. What are your future plans? Is it true that you are moving to Honduras once you find the money?"
Yes and no. Allow me clear a few things up first regarding Honduras.
I'm not actually MOVING to Honduras. I am going to do what I did in Uganda, but this time in Honduras. This time I will be going for 3 months as opposed to 6. After that, I return home to prepare for yet another need greating adventure. Where to? I have no idea yet. I am really hoping to get myself back to the place that has always been deep in my heart, Japan. Yes, I know what most of you would say. Rabidly foaming at the mouth, concerned people have been constantly reminding me about the lack of need there is in Japan. Which is true, in some regards. However, if you have read a previous post by yours truly, then you would know my answer to that: You're right, the Japanese field doesn't need help. But the English field does. And after putting Japan aside for so long, something that has always been so dear to my heart, I have no guilt in wanting to return in the hopes of advancing the English field there along with Jehovah's blessings.
That is about it regarding Honduras. *smile*

"Alright, thank you. Now, as regards your employment, what have you been able to find since returning home?"
More Random shots
I have a job again!
"What are you doing?" 
I'm a care giver (again)!
"Now, why is it that you returned to the same line of work? If I am correct, you wanted to find a different job, yes?"

Well, it started when I got back home. I saw my old job open for an immediate position again, but I decided to look around first. The more I looked, the less I saw. Sure, there were a few possibilities that I could have taken up, but to be honest, none of them supported my Pioneering as well as my last job. That, and the pay was much less.
"Why in particular was the pay per hour a specific concern of yours?"
Well finding a job that allows me to Pioneer is a given. I understand that if I stop Pioneering, I am leaving the fence of spiritual protection that I am currently surrounded by, and I refuse to do that. So usually the amount of pay is a consideration, but not really TOO much of a concern. Now, however, it is. The reason is that I am specifically looking at my budget with my next need greating adventure in sight. So the faster I can make money, the faster I can get to Honduras.
"What challenges do you foresee with this perspective?" 
My bud, Jace.
I am determined not to allow the need to save money to cloud over the importance of my spirituality. One may reason that due to the fact that it is for advancing the Kingdom interests, missing a meeting or taking work over service balances out. I do not believe that. So it is my determination to keep balanced with my view towards my saving money. Striving to keep serving where the need is greater is no reason to slack on my spirituality and my relationship with Jehovah NOW.
"Interesting. Now, before, we were talking a little bit about what it is like to be home. Compared to Africa, how does it feel to be in your birthplace again?"
Well, it has been quite a trip. I have been very, very busy. That in itself is a huge contrast with Africa.

"How is that? Did you not fill your time in Africa?"
I did, but after even 7 hours of field in the day, I still found myself with nothing to do at night. I had to really figure out how to spend all that free time.
"Is that really such a bad thing, though? I would assume that free time would be great to have, considering the big family that you have."
That is true. However, my realm of comfort and confidence has always been busy family life and activity since I was born. To be suddenly removed from the hype of a family and friends I know and love was difficult, while beneficial in its own way.
"So, does that mean that you would not be able to handle long term serving away from your family?"
Not at all. For whatever time I sacrifice away from my family here and now, I will have an eternity to make up for it in the Paradise. Then I will be able to REALLY make memories that we will always remember. Besides, I like meeting new people and making new friends, and a small village life isn't really quite my style just yet. If it is for Jehovah, however, then I'll do it in a second, no questions asked. *smile*

"Tell us a little bit about what is going on in your congregation now."
Well, the congregation has grown wonderfully. There are a few extra studies/families that are regularly attending. That, and it is great to be able to join right back with the high activity of a large Kingdom Hall. I have been making it a point to talk to all of the friends that I can, while still trying my best to keep balancing my responsibilities.
"What type of responsibilities do you have at the hall?"

Kenai, Alaksa Congregation

Well, I am the territory servant for my congregation. Put that together with helping watch after my little siblings, the horde of little kids that talk to me at the hall before and after the meetings, people wanting to ask me about Africa, talks, attendant duties, helping clean for the memorial, trying to meet all the new ones, service, so on and so forth, I have very little time to myself. Many times, I feel exhausted, but happier than I could explain. I can feel Jehovah's spirit in my life, and that in itself is both a relief and a blessing I cannot explain. I regularly wonder why he has decided to continue putting up with me, but I guess it isn't my place to question the Most High. :]

"How has the ministry been compared to Africa?"
The Field here is very different than Africa
That is a two sided coin. You see, while people have FAR less interest in the bible as they do in Uganda, I have never had as much success in my ministry as I do now. Even though most people shut the door on me, and a few have yelled at me, the few people that I've found at home have generally been far more open than ever before.
"Why do you think that is?"
It could be that people in general are more and more interested in where this world is headed, thus more inclined to listen. It could also be that while in Uganda, I learned to reason and use the bible like I never had the chance to before. I talked to dozens of people every day in Uganda, so I had SO much practice in reasoning with the bible. In one month, I had talked to more people and used the bible more than my 7 years of Pioneering before Uganda.

Recording Kingdom Melodies With Friends
"What about socially?"
I have been spending much more time with the congregation. Just recently, we had a group of friends come from Anchorage. We recorded a Kingdom Melody in Japanese (134), and one of my friends is currently preparing it to send to some of the brothers in Japan as a token of our support for their plight. After that, the next day we had a bonfire at the beach again. That is sort of a tradition we like to have. Mountains in the background, the smell of a camp fire, and the sound of the waves. (Though, this time we didn't really have the waves because the tide was out)
Also, I have many plans for the future so that we can have a nice balance between association and spiritual things.

"Well, Trevor, it was wonderful to be able to visit you again. Glad to hear that things are going well right now!"

Thank you, Rovert! It was my pleasure. You're awesome.
"No, you're awesome."

And to all my readers, thanks for reading! Of course, feel free to ask any questions or make requests as to what you would like to hear. I will keep posting on my updates as I prepare for my new skyline. :]
It is, as always, a pleasure to share this with you. I am very grateful to all my readers.


  1. Interesting post. Yes, keep your pioneering in the forefront. Do it while you have your youth; & encourage the other young ones to do the same. (I did when I was fresh out of high school, but bad health now).

  2. Ok,first of all "you look wonderful today"???? That's a bit cheesy don't you think? And "You're awesome"??? ANYWAY, I think it's wonderful you feel Jehovah's spirit working in your life. I know Africa in its complexity and simplicity at the same time is not easy to cope with but you've done an excellent job. More than we all expected it. I'm sure your experience in Honduras will be even better now that you have a lot of "baggage" on your shoulders. And yes Trev, we understand and we give you our blessing... you can go to Japan after that. But only if you promise to go into the English field. And then you have to buy a ticket for us... These are our only conditions for you to have our blessing. Otherwise... look at the yearbook! Bangladesh is in need ;)

  3. Dear Charles- Thank you very much. Sorry to hear about your health, but I suppose we all have a nice form of service waiting for us in the 1,000 years. :]
    Chris/Tabi- Nice to hear from you again! After my experiences in Africa, I am very confident in Jehovah's ability to take care of me through out my time in Honduras. I can't wait to meet you guys again, though! Making your way to Alaska/Honduras/Japan anytime soon??

  4. Hi!
    My names erica, and i live in BC Canada :) i was looking for pictures for my grade 12 Social studies class, (im doing a project on religion and decided to use my own) anyway.. looking for pictures of brothers and sister in the act, and stumbled across your blog! its soo interesting to see you doing such cool things like this (im kinda jealous)
    anyway im looking for pictures and hoping you wouldnt mind if i used one of yours? :)
    anyway, thanks!
    -christian love,
    erica :)

    p.s - sorry for being such a random.

  5. Bahahahahahhaah i love the random ness of the above blogg!!! Lol yhats sometjing i would do!!

    CHEV!!!! I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN ABOUT HONDURAS!!! 4th day here in italy.... Its goin great... Imma be speakin italian before ya know it!! like u im preachin to africans!! Hahah

  6. Trevor, where have you been? This post was over 2 weeks ago.