Monday, June 13, 2011

Alaska- Update

Sorry it is so tiny. Here, let me show you what it says in case you can't read it well enough.Or, you know, you could just click on it and it would take you to a bigger version of it on Youtube. :]

"Time for a little update from Trevor! Are you ready? Sit back and enjoy!
This won't take long. Hopefully in the time frame of this song!

Where shall we start? Hmm. How about this: I am still in Kenai! Still loving every second of it. At 23 years old, I am finally feeling it. Still young, Still fresh. 
Still Pioneering,
Still busy as a Ministerial Servant,
And still loving being with my family. 

Guess what? I am an Uncle! Look at that little guy, isn't he cute? His name is Iver. I am going to be an awesome uncle. 
Here is a low quality shot of the proud parents! (My sister)

Right then, moving on. Look at the sleeping guy in Taco Bell!

I am still planning to go where the need is greater in Honduras. I just need to save money. They really need the help with the ministry I am told. 
No other reason. No, really, I can't think of anything (OOPS) other reason why I would want to go to Honduras. (^_-) 

I applied for the BSSB! Yep, now I am just waiting to hear back from them. Who knows, maybe this is what Jehovah would prefer me to do, as opposed to 'need greating'. 
The way I see it, making myself available for every sort of privilege that Jehovah offers is best. While I would prefer to serve where the need is greater, If I get accepted to the BSSB then I know I am going where Jehovah wants me most. 

So here I stay for the time being in Kenai, AK, waiting on Jehovah. BSSB, or need greating? We shall see!

I have a lot of things that keep me busy.  A lot of them have to do with my personal relationship with Jehovah, but Family and the congregation eat up most of my time, so it is a challenge at times.
It's all right, though! I am very happy and content, as well as excited for what is in store. No looking back at a time like this!

So until next time, ride the waves with confidence in Jehovah, and remember that I love you."

Questions? Comments? You know the drill. 
\/  \/  \/  \/


  1. Best update **EVER**! Great music, Amos Lee is awesome. Great transitions. You using Windows Movie Maker? I don't think I have that transition. Hmmm. Also, I like the pic of your little sis and the straws. Wackadoo cute!
    (I think I'm gonna have to steal the slide-show update idea...)

  2. Jenny,
    You think so, Huh? Haha, well then I am glad you like this sort of update. Amos Lee really fit the mood, so I figured I'd use it. And believe it or not, I did it on my iTouch. It is an app called iMovie. Took me about an hour of playing around with it because I was bored, and about 15 mins of actual editing.
    Please, if you like the video update, do one as well! It is fun and a very different way to express your personality. :]

  3. That's the attitude Trev, apply for everything I'm sure Jehovah can find something useful even for you to do.. LOL

    Seriously keep the Joy bro, enthusiasm rubs off!

  4. これはすごい!d( ̄  ̄)
    This is a great video. You are certainly rich in deeds and are storing up many treasures! BSSB or "need greater" are both great opportunities! Take good care of your health so you can do this for as long as possible.

  5. Aha..........we may get you to Florida yet. We always host BSSB students :-)