Friday, April 8, 2011

Alaska- Job Hunt

Yep. That is what my life consists of right now. Searching for a job. Of course, I'll let you all know what I get, but as of now I am unemployed.
The goal is, of course, to find a job and save up as much money as I can in order to eventually serve where the need is greater in Honduras. *whew* I've never had to job hunt before, because up till now my job was handed to me. Super easy, right?

Well now I have to go through what the rest of America, nay, the world has to experience. Tis alright, though, because how else would I learn to do something if I never reach out and try it? Besides, because searching for a job is in the interests of need greating, I am very confident that Jehovah is going to help me find something that will allow me to Pioneer and save for my next skyline

In field service with old friends
For now, I am adjusting to my new territory, which is, in fact, my old territory. I've already had someone slam the door in my face and I've already had a good call. Pretty balanced, if you ask me. So in full recognition that some difficult times lie ahead, I am actually pretty excited about how I will be able to shape my future. Keep my eyes on my skyline, and refuse to give up the fight!

I'll let everyone know what happens with my job, and soon enough I'll be in Honduras!

Thanks for reading!



  1. Hey, I have a job for you... I knew a brother that supported his pioneering by picking up doggie poopie in people's backyards. Made decent money! Of course you'd have to wait till the snow melts.

    p.s. never eat yellow snow

  2. Jenny- Doing the skills to pay the bills!

  3. p.s. (revised) never eat yellow snow... or listen to the Beastie Boys

  4. It can be a challenge to adjust between two different cultures when you're not used to it huh. But you'll be alright, you cat would be happy to see you if she cared about you, your dog lived a long and happy life, and your job hunt along with the pooping scooping will definitely be a good experience for you! がんばってね!
    ...or was it your goldfish? Do you like Curry?

    I don't know about you, but a good call always softens the blow of an irritable one, especially when it comes second.

  5. Nautica- The more I read your comment, the more I laugh. And the more I'm confused. Honestly.
    I wholeheartedly agree with you about good and bad calls!

  6. even it ok to be there ok? Here it is somehow even ok ehhh even if eye in sky not happy. Here we even somehow survive with matoke & monkey snot...