Sunday, March 6, 2011

Africa- Long Time no Read

Admit it. You missed me. Don't even try to deny it, I know you missed me. I get that a lot, people missing me.

Okay, maybe not that often. Anyway, on to the life and times of a Mzungu in Africa. Apart from me becoming cooler and even more handsome, not so much has been happening...nothing out of the norm, that is. I went to Kyaninga Lodge again, so check my Flickr for pictures on that. There is quite an awesome story that happened that day, but that is my little secret. Muawahaha! Now let the curiosity devour you!

Anyway, I have a busy month. It is my last official month here in Africa before I go back home. We have the convention in Mbarara on the 19th and 20th, and then the C.O. visit on the 28th-....3rd? Something like that. Then we have a lot of little things packed into the month that make it fly. But let me tell you about what is going on in the congregation.

Do you remember me mentioning the Chousozi (Seriously, I have no idea how to spell it) group? Its a small group that we are trying to get into a congregation. I personally haven't done anything with it yet, (shame, shame) but the local need greaters and congregation are doing great. JUST recently we rented a small building to serve as a Kingdom Hall. Once a month, the congregation has a meeting there, with the public talk and watchtower study.
Then in Fort Portal, we just started a new Rutoro meeting. (Rutoro is the local language, remember) So now on Sundays there is the English meeting at 10am, and the Rutoro meeting at 2pm. So on Sundays our congregation has been split in half, while on Saturdays (Our Theocratic Ministry School and Service Meeting) is as normal. This marks an end to the translation of the public talks, so I'm thankful I was able to share in that before it went away. Oh, that reminds me.
Me and my Translator, Abraham
It went alright! Tabi got a recording of it, but i'm not about ot post that. You'll just have to take my word for it that they liked it. Honestly, I think I like my talk being translated. While the brother is translating for you, you have all this extra time to think....Hopefully about what you're going to say next. It made my talk a lot easier, truth be told.
(Random fact: I'm at a restaurtant blogging right now, and some lady from Kampala sat next to me just now. She laughs like a dinosaur. Probably from the cigarette she is smoking...what a way to ruin my mountain dew! *Grumble grumble*)
Anyway, I enjoyed giving the talk.

Random Picture Time: Witnessing through a wedge!
     Recently, I've been getting sort of....nostalgic. Can you be nostalgic about something even when you haven't left yet? Maybe there is another word for it that I don't know yet, but I'm going to call it nostalgia. I've been getting nostalgic about Africa. Well, not Africa particularly, but more of...what I've experienced in Africa. The feeling of knowing that you're allowed to be a part of something special, of something unique. The sense of adventure, of experience, of stretching further than you have ever gone.
THAT is why I need to keep my next skyline directly in front of me. Honduras is coming up soon, and I will be right back into it like I am now. If I am honest with you, I have this haunting feeling that I'll chicken out if I wait too long. So no thinking or contemplating, no worrying or deliberating, just shut up and move forward! That's my secret! Most people would tell me to carefully consider my steps before I take them, but if I did that then I would never get anywhere. How do you think I made it into Africa? Not by carefully considering if I would be able to handle it, asking about all the challenges that are involved, and thinking ahead. My method is more like...jump and then ask. If I tried it any other way, I'd talk myself out of it. Besides, like the last article in the current watchtower says, we are built up to handle ANY trial. The way I see it is that if Jehovah allows it to happen to you, then that is his stamp of approval that you will be able to handle it if you reply on him. :]
Alright, I'm not here to give you a motivational speech or stir in your hearts a desire to do something crazy, so I'll stop here. Besides, its time to drink some Dew!


  1. Chev!!! Yes Its been a while!!! HONDURAS!!!!!! did you hear back from the branch yet? I got in contact with a missionary couple in Cholutecca.... the other couple i stayed with is in Roatan...a little north.. imma write them again soon ok! Enjoy the rest of your time in Africa!!

  2. An awesome story happened on the hike, and you're not going to (or 'ot', I've heard it both ways) tell us? That's cool. I can handle it.
    I know that feeling when you are part of something amazing and you don't want to take it for granted. But instead you want to soak in every moment and hope those moments stay just as vivid in the years to come. I think the word you are looking for is 'schmaltzy'. (I don't know if there is a perfect english word. I'm sure the French have one.) I don't think you'll lose your nerve. Your zeal, corage and fire are too strong. Everyday life isn't enough for you. Keep it in your prayers not to get distracted (Satan will surely try) and you'll make it!

  3. You 'wil' have 'corage'? Really? Not my best day. (Spellcheck! You failed me!!)

  4. Yes...we've missed you *sniffle* 。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。
    I was beginning to wonder if you had snapped and ran away from a talk you had only to be eaten by a...n elephant for three days and spit up in time to go give your talk.( ̄▽ ̄) wait...that wouldn't be what happened on your hike would it?(T_T)
    As long as it reasonable, it's good to reach out to to do more your service to jehovah which is just what you're doing. A brother put it nicely in a talk once, we're constantly moving either forward or backwards in the truth (our relationship with Jehovah) it's important to constantly step outside of our comfort zone in our service to Jehovah. You seem like a well founded person, and as long as you do your best your service to Jehovah and look to Jehovah, he'll help you with the rest. Regardless of what happens, you'll have gained experience, strength through exercise, and an opportunity to learn from it. You're sure to continue receiving many rich blessings! がんばってね!d( ̄  ̄)

  5. Hello Trevor!

    I'll use google traductor because I'm French and I do not speak English very well ...

    I discovered your blog yesterday and I read it in one go!

    I am a congregation of France, near Paris. I dreamed of being a missionary, but I'm not sure this is done for me, so I live my dreams through proxy ... uh uh uh ...

    I wish you good luck in your service to Jehovah, but also in the ocarina ^___~

    See you sooner or later (in Paradise)