Saturday, February 19, 2011

Africa- Billy the Goat

This post, I'm going to be taking a break from the intellectual, serious, respectable, and honorable posts that you may be used to me putting up. (Fat Chance) Today is a day of story and experience! I'm pleased to introduce:


Goats rock, no matter what you say!

Yes, as I came home from blogging yesterday, I was greeted by non other than a goat. Upon opening the gate, I walked in and there he was.
He turned and looked at me as if I had intruded on his space.
"You got a problem?" Was written all over his face.  It took me a second to realize what I was seeing, because the house is completely blocked off by a wall. "How," I wondered, "did this goat get in the wall??"
There was no questioning what he was thinking because his personality just overflowed with ego.
"I'm a goat, so shut up."
He first stared me down, and then came up and nudged up against me, rubbing his horns on my leg. So I pet him. And he liked it.

Confuzzled, I went over to the house and walked in the open door.
"So uh..." I started, "Whats with the goat?"
No one even knew that the goat was there, so the whole house came out to see him. Then he looked at them just like he first looked at me.
"What, you got a problem?"
As we were talking about it and trying to figure out where he came from, he got angry, reared up on his back legs, and came at me.
*Bonk* He tried to gore me! Ok, in all honesty, he only scratched my leg with his horn, and while it sorta hurt, it wasn't a big deal. So...suddenly he was grumpy. I grabbed his horns and held him still while Ben (the newest addition to our need greating family) grabbed the rope around his neck. We drug the stubborn goat to the grass and tied him up. He fought and grumbled, but then chilled out and was nice again. So we decided to
What? I'm a goat, you got a problem with that?
give him some water to see what he would do. Nothing.
I hate you, tree!
"Oh yeah, that's the spot..."
So we got some leaves and fed him. Ben started making a new friend, until suddenly the goat got upset again and charged Ben, knocking over the water. Then he looked at the tree he was tied to, gave out a snort, and headbutted it. Then he looked at us, like: "What are you going to do about it?" So we just watched him for a little bit as he proceeded to take his anger out on the tree. After a few minutes of headbutting and tearing up the tree, he suddenly decided he wanted to scratch his butt on it. Eventually he was returned home. Turns out that there was a small grassy area behind the other house that is in our wall, and Billy and two other goats were back there. He happened to wander up to our house, when I found him.
Thus, ended our most entertaining goat experience. Because of his fighting spirit, we called him Billy. I have never understood how the Bible describes goats as vividly as I do now. Stubborn, headstrong, prideful, and temperamental.
Even though he attacked me, tried to headbutt Ben, and switched from cool to angry, I really like Billy!Thus concludes my first post about a goat. Always in our hearts, forever a friend and (dis)loyal ally, maybe soon on someone's plate, the unforgettable memories we shared with the one and only,


  1. Hi Trevor. I love your goat! You need to write a book. Jehovah has blessed you with so many good experiences, spititually and then some. Love you...Your gran

  2. Thanks for sharing the story! Goats are tricky, you never want to let your guard down around a goat. Talk about moody! They're nuzzling you one minute like your best friends, and before you know it, they're trying to beat you up or break your ribs (happened to someone I know, the goat did it when she was corned). I don't know what is up with them, but they quite possibly the craziest (literally) animals I've ever met.

  3. When reading this I could not help but think that you may have been infiltrated by an evil goat ninja. Convient that he just showed up and then supposedly had lived behind the house the whole time. I think while no one was there he scaled the wall. He has that "there's nothing to see here I am just an angry goat" written all over his face. Didn't he attack you. It could have been the children who trained him to take out the house of Muzungu's. Or he could have been sent by the cats. They already have sent you messages and now the message is we can get a killer goat right into your house. All I am saying is it is awful suspicious and I would sleep with one eye open.

  4. Trevor,

    I was born and raised in Uganda but now living in Canada. I really enjoy your stories. You inspire us all, young and old. My 17 year old son is going to be baptized this weekend and I have been encouraging him to read your blogs. If you ever need a partner please let me know in your blog. My son would love to experience the joy of serving where the need is great.

    Thank you so much for the great stories. They brighten our gloomy Canadian winters.

    Your sister in Kingston

  5. Heehee! Billy the Goat, you show 'em who's boss! Love the photos... what a face. (Btw... getting close to 10,000 hits on your blog! Woohoo!)