Friday, January 21, 2011

Africa- Panduro Need Greating

Quick update. I've included a link on the sidebar to the blog of Christopher and Tabi Panduro, one of the need greating couples here in Fort Portal. They are the ones I housesat for, and currently am living with while the other couple I stay with has guests. Hope you enjoy! Please remember to 'follow' if you like, supporting them as awesomely as you've supported me!
Until next time!

PS. I've included pictures on the post about Richard. Internet is finally working alright for now. :]


  1. Officially now a follower on their blog! I love it. Thanks for the link! Taby and Chris seem like really cool people and great friends... not to mention their fine self-sacrificing spirit. Heck, I wanna hang out with them!

  2. Thanks, Jenny! They're an awesome couple, doing awesome things. I'm envious of them sometimes, but in a healthy way!