Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Africa- Language Inundation

Have you ever felt like your brain was going to explode, splattering the walls with gray matter and bits of hair (If you have hair, that is)? Or maybe you're more the type with an implosive brain, where your head collapses in on itself with such force that it sounds like a balloon popping. Maybe you even feel like your brain is thrown into a blender, where it violently shakes and spins inside your head as it turns to mush and goosh, a soupy cocktail of the remnants of your sanity. Whatever your choice of brain massacring reactions to overloads, you may have felt that way before.
Currently, I feel like my brain is being put up for auction at the local dump. "Why is that?" you ask? Language Inundation. Let me explain some.
In case you haven't heard from my blog/flickr/youtube, then I'm proud to announce that I'm going to Honduras in October to need great. This presents a problem, though. I don't speak Spanish beyond asking where the toilet is. So I embark on my efforts to learn Spanish. In the meantime, I'm also learning Japanese and Rutoro.
Why am I learning Japanese? Because I simply adore Japan, its culture, people, language, and food. Someday I hope to return there. Why am I learning Rutoro? Shouldn't that be rather obvious? I'm in Africa!
So with all of this dreaded thinking going on behind my back, it leaves very little time for normal activities, like sleeping, or seeing how close you can get to goats without them charging you. Those little guys can be aggressive.

New subject.
I'm coming up on 23 years old. (On Monday!) So I've been thinking. (Its true, pick your jaw up off the floor) I've been planning my life out, with plenty of room for the "oh snap"s "I didn't see that coming"s, "she is pretty"s and so on and so forth. (I'm kidding about the 'pretty' part, calm down. Why are you so interested in my ((nonexistent)) love life anyway?) My purpose is to remain in Jehovah's favor (original, isn't it?), and my plan is to do so while need greating until the end of this rubbish excuse of a system of things. Eventually, a young brother needs to be able to settle down in a congregation so he can assist and actually be of a more permanent sense of being. Now, as I've mentioned, I have no plans of stopping need greating, so I'll end up 'settling' in a form of need greating, not returning to my home congregation where I am thoroughly unneeded. So far I have a rather awesome idea of where I'm going to end up, but I'm keeping it boxed up until I get to see more of it unfold.
Who loves tanlines? WE love tanlines!
I've learned a new trick to better ensure I'll succeed. I keep myself on the insane side of the insanity/sanity border. If I drift too far into sanity, I risk realizing what I'm doing and running and hiding under the covers. Its a dangerous world on the sane side of life. You can have your brain sapped right in front of yourself, and not have the brains to know it. Reason and logic can overwhelm you, and a stark realization of how much its going to bite will stall your engine before you can take off.

Not worth it, to me. Sanity is far too boring.
Until I see the full fruition of my epic plans and life course and the current step in such (Africa), I sip my mountain dew awaiting the next African challenge to try and break me. I pity the obstacles that set themselves in my way. Little do they know the strength I've found, and even less do they know the inherent stubbornness I possess. Jehovah, things have been rough, and I know they'll get worse, but I'm more confident in you now than ever before.

More to come on the brothers and sisters of Fort Portal, so read on!
Thanks to all my readers, and a special thanks to those that request/comment!


  1. Espero que esto le ayudará a aprender español.
    En primer lugar, tu estudia español. Luego dormir. última vez que hablan español. I thought I would give you an extra spanish lesson. There are some helpful tips in there. I hope my spanish is ok I am trying to remember from school.

  2. Konnichiwa! Oloho ota? ¿Dónde está el baño? That last bit doesn't really fit... but we can't have your brains exploding. Very messy. It would be a monster for your hostess to clean up.

    Epic plans, eh? Hmmm... very interesting. Does it have to do with Japan? Is is actually ON one of the 7 major continents? Is it animal, vegetable or mineral? Oh, oh we're not playing 20 questions? Bummer... I'll just have to wait. So far the insanity thing is workin' for ya, so I'm sure it'll be great!

  3. Blaine- Haha, again, I'm not surprised that you know some spanish. Do you speak Roturo as well? I wouldn't be shocked.

    Jenny- El Bano is closed at the moment, sorry. (Trust me, don't go in there) No guesses! Even if you guess right, I won't tell you, so its a worthless waste of time!

  4. Cool sideburns spak! (Vulcan from star trek). Oh yah and the tan lines!, :)