Monday, January 24, 2011

Africa- Lots to tell, so Listen up!

Well truth be told, a lot has happened here! A whole lot, so sit down and let me talk. You're going to want to hear this. Well maybe. I'm not totally sure. Whatever, sit down.
To start off, the people I'm staying with had some guests come, so I agreed (didn't really have a choice) to move out of my room temporarily. Thankfully, the Panduros (the people I housesat for) took me in for 3 days. The day I showed up, what happens? Read on.
Internet has been nonexistent the past few days. "Why?" you ask? Here in Uganda, power comes and goes. Whether it is for rationing or its a fault, it can last either a few hours or a few days. We have finally recovered from 3 days of no power! That means no internet, no computers, no fridge, no lights, no alarms, and no sound at the meeting. Batteries come in very handy, but as I'm sure you know, batteries don't last forever.
Our only power source!
(Remember the old days of playing gameboy color/advanced and the green light would go red? Then it was a panic attack trying to save it before the batteries died)
Anyway, seeings how we didn't have power, Chris, Tabi, and I all had dinner by candle light. After that, we washed up by candle light. Then, we brushed our teeth by candle light. Everything was done by candle light. Then when it was late, I went to my room and read by candle light. Then I got bored (and a bit dizzy) so I hit the sack.

Alright, moving on to the next subject.

While we were in service the other day, (Saturday) Abraham and I found a guy standing alone, so we walked up to talk with him, and offered him a tract. Turns out he was a witness! we thought. I'm still not totally sure, actually. He said he was looking for the witnesses in Fort Portal, and had already come twice already and not found us at the Kingdom hall. So it worked out well that we found him! But things got a bit confusing and odd...

He said the following: "I do not want to go home yet. How about I come to your place?"
I said: "Uh...Thats kinda shady, dude..." He didn't seem to get how it was kind of dodgey haha!
His name is Chris, and he hasn't been baptized or started publishing yet. As I am not totally sure how that works in a situation like that, (and a bit confused) we took him over to the closest Elder so that he would deal with it! Talk about passing the responsibilities! I can still do that, because I'm not an Elder yet! Ah, the glories of youth. The only thing is that the closest Elder was like 2 miles away in the hot sun up and down hills. So after about an hour of walking and sweating, we found him and gave Chris away. Still not sure how they worked it out, but I've seen Chris at all the meetings so far, answering and all! So far it seems to have turned out rather well!
Alright, yet another subject change. Chris (the OTHER Chris) and I were working out in the field the other day, and there was a group of houses that we worked. We got some pretty good calls and such, and worked it out thoroughly. As we were leaving the group of houses though, there was this little kid calling to us. Now, normally we might just wave and move on, because honestly, there is always someone calling after us muzungus. But for some reason, we paid attention to him. We stared at this little guy for a second, trying to decide what to do. He kept calling us over and pointing. After giving it some thought, Chris said "You never know, it could be an angel guiding us." So we chuckled some and went after the kid. He led us around back, and sure enough, there was another tiny shoebox house back there. And sure enough, there was a young woman in there. So I figured "Chris might be right, this really might be direction." So I jumped in full force with the teach book and offered a bible study. Aaaaaaand you guessed it, sure enough, she wanted to study, and seemed very excited. An angel can use a little dude to convince two muzungus to pay mind to the callings and names that they normally ignore, isn't that something?
Long story short, I handed her phone number over to a local sister to follow through. We'll see how that goes.

I knew there was something else I wanted to blog about...what was it? *shrug* I forgot.

OH! I remember!
Baibuli Mali Eyegesa Ki?
We finally got the bible teach book in the local language, Rutoro!! Maybe you don't fully understand the awesomeness about that, but its HUGE!! Imagine learning the bible in a different language, and after years of struggling to know what it means in your head, YOUR language comes! Do you understand how mindblowingly great this is? I'm so happy to have been able to be in Uganda for something special like this. If you could only have seen the reaction of the brothers when they saw it. It was like they won the Price is Right, but better! Its just too bad that I am leaving in April, it doesn't give me the chance to use it as much as I'd like. The field is going to explode with activity with this, I can tell! In fact, in June the brothers here have been assigned by the branch to work some territory that is unassigned or rarely worked. Imagine the affect that it is going to have when they bring the Bible Teach book in the language of the local people! GAAAAARGLESPOCKS I'm excited. This is so Gar. (Look it up)

Ok, I have to go, we're about to do our Watchtower with the local need greaters! After that, its food and movie time!
As I've said, I'd rather be challenged than bored. For all the challenges here in Uganda, its just too much fun to give up on this need greating stuff. Jehovah really knows what a young guy needs to find his joy in His service again. I'm left in constant amazement of what Jehovah is capable of helping us to enjoy.
Whoops, lost track of time! Gotta go, so pretend I end this post with a witty saying that motivates my readers and stirs in their hearts a firey zeal to reach out and taste and see that Jehovah is good!
Thanks for reading!


  1. How exciting it is that they have the Bible Teach book in their own language! Another tool to reach the heart. And good thing you guys listened to that little voice in your head and followed the little boy (well not a real little voice, that would be creepy). It's amazing how often, when you realize you followed the lead of Jehovah's spirit how simple and effortless it is. Makes it so real how Jehovah is truly getting the work done and is in full control. Great experiences!

    (Next time you are bored and living by candlelight... shadow puppets! I do a mean alligator. :-P)

  2. So cool!!!! And wow!! No power for three days?? Ur a trooper Chev! I was showing my C.O.B.E your pics and he is super motivated to try need greating! Aloha bro!

  3. Very good Post.Good experiences! Thanks for Sharing.

  4. I think doing everything at candle light is one of the things I'm happy to share here in Africa... we will never forget these "typical" african moments...And neither will you!

  5. Jenny- It was awesome to finally get the Teach in Rutoro, and I've only been here 3 1/2 months!

    Zech- Aloha, and keep Honduras close in mind! Its coming up soon! Then you'll be inspiring me all over again, like the Bethel days, huh? :]

    Charles- Thanks very much, I'm happy to share!

    Panduros- T.I.A., huh? I'll never forget this, nor the people I've shared it with!

  6. Maybe this new Chris lost touch with his study conductor or maybe he found literature somewhere realized it was the truth and started calling himself a witness. Or his parents could have studied when he was young but did nothing with it. I'm being optimistic here. Maybe he's just crazy but I'd like to hear how it turned out. It reminds me of the experience from the last yearbook, the Uganda section, where the army musician got the truth in prison and when he was released there were no witnesses in his village. I'm not sure on the page, but his picture is on the front cover.

  7. It really does sound like a lot has happened. I can't imagine the experience of seeing the expressions on the friends' faces as they saw such a valuable book released in their own language, that truly is a wonderful blessing! Keep up the good work Aniki.

    P.S. I'm sure all that candle light made for some exciting (all the bugs singing to you in the night...and stalking you (unbeknown) as you ate) as well as relaxing moments. Have fun!

  8. dude that is super exciting! just a few weeks ago revelation was released in asl. now we have the entire greek scriptures! its awesome to see how quickly Jehovahs organization can move at his direction

  9. Stephanie- Not sure, but you never know! I'll let everyone know if I hear anything else, ok? Hopefully he continues to progress like he as so far!

    Nautica- Nice to hear from you again, Nautica! I've been very busy, as I'm working on multiple projects both theocratic and otherwise! Hopefully I won't drop off the face of the earth so consistently. :]

    Aaron- Long time no type! Good to hear from you again! It feels like forever since we've seen each other. Well, childhood ends and adulthood begins, and our paths cross, lap, twist, and turn. Soon enough we're going to meetup somewhere, alright?
    Ps. Awesome about the ASL. Remember when we were in NY in the mall at the coin fountain and thought about how cool it would be if we learned Sign? Looks like only one of us was able to live that dream, sorry I fell behind. :/

  10. ahhh yes somewhere in the middle of our 8 hours wandering that mall... dont worry you still have time to learn. its the easiest language to pick up. and its used in 50 different countries or something like that. just saying.