Friday, January 7, 2011

Africa- January, a Milestone.

Why is January a milestone? I'll tell you.

I decided a path....
For those of you who know Zack.
I wrote to Zack.What did I say to Zack? I'll show you.
"Zack! Don't think, reason, or deliberate, and don't ponder, worry, or calculate. (hey that rhymed) Shut your trap and listen up. Lets go to Honduras."
What did he write back? 
With that, it was decided. We're going to Honduras. October 1st, I'm going to Hawaii for a week, and then we fly out to Honduras for 3 months to serve where the need is greater. The only thing stopping me is money. Come April, I go home to Alaska for a few months. While there, its time to make money and save, save, save. Full force ahead, no worrying about the hardships that lie ahead, but a fierce determination to destroy anything that stands in our way. Zack and I are going to Honduras. 
Why did I ask Zack? Well, for one, I served with him in Bethel, and he was one of my best friends. Second, Zack possesses a certain quality that I've only just discovered. He has the amazing ability to be free, courageous. Nothing causes him to be afraid, and he doesn't hold back when a challenge arises. When I asked him about Honduras, what did he do but jump at the challenge at a moments notice. 
Sometimes, acting without thinking can get you into some real trouble. But then again, sometimes it can save your life.
 I see an old memory come to life...
For those of you who know me.
January 16th, a group and I are leaving at 5am, and driving to Kampala, the capital of Uganda. 4 hours of horrible roads, ending in arriving in the city of 3 million. Dirty, hot, crazy, and unsafe. Why would we do something like that? Because the Governing Body set up a zone visit!! Brother Geoffry Jackson of the GB is going to be there to give the talk, and all of Uganda is invited! We have 5,000 publishers, so we don't think too many will be there, but for Uganda its a lot! After the zone, we return home. There and back in one day. Oh, how nice it will be to see one of the Governing Body! It takes me back to my Bethel days, and OH how I miss them. :]

I gain a year...
January 24th, Trevor turns old. Yes, he becomes 23 years old. Sure, that isn't much for you old people, (oldER) but for Trevor, that is a lot. I've never been 23 before, so it's important to me. It brings me one year closer to 25, and 25 is a big year.
I begin the end...
January 15th is my three month anniversary of my arrival in Africa. Thus begins my last half of my trip. Each day brings me closer to when I leave. Each day is another day whittled off of my last 3 months.

I see my time fly...
January begins the pattern of extreme activity. January is packed with adventures, and it beckons forth February. February has visitors from the UK, (coming for 2 months) adventures in the national parks again, and the beginning of the hot season beginning to cool some. In March, we have the convention in Mbarara, where the attendance is supposed to be somewhere around 300 or so. Then, of course, comes April. The memorial, and my leave date. I'm not sad, but actually excited. I cannot wait to see my family, friends, HOME, and prepare for my new skyline, Honduras. :]

Thank you, Jehovah. :]


  1. What a wonderful year you have planned! We wish you well, not only for the remainder of your time in Africa, but certainly for your return home to Alaska to visit friends and family. Florida is (kind of) on the way to Honduras, so if you come through Tampa, give us a call or stop by for a few days--if you and Zack are able to do that, just e-mail me for the phone # :-)

  2. I only have one statement. I don't know if Honduras is ready. I will pray for them.

  3. Man, you're so old! Just kidding.
    I just did the poll on the side bar and it seems like the majority of us like cookies. Lol

  4. It will be great to have you home for awhile, old man. Time will speed by foe you there. Especially with the spiritual feast ahead. Love you much. Your Gran

  5. Deborah- Thank you very much! I'll let you know what happens, and we'll see if we can arrange a visit!

    Blaine- You know, I was going to write the post a bit differently. Make it show more of the excitement that I feel. I decided to ease up on it some to ensure that it came across as a plan, and not a whim. So, thank you for filling the void that I decided not to full, you did so greatly!

    Steph- Well of course, cookies are awesome!

    Gran- Haha, I suppose I'm getting old, arn't I? I'll need my walker before long. Looking forward to seeing everyone again!

  6. mmm...cookies. I think I'm going to make some coconut chocolate chip cookies and eat them all! heehee.