Saturday, January 8, 2011

Africa- A Skyline Worth Following

As I look back on the different ones I've shared a skyline with, I remember the awesome times we had. In an extremely condensed form, here is what I experienced in my Bethel Chapter.
I had hallway parties,
Raced floor scrubbers in the printery, 
Did spring cleaning where you could keep anything you wanted,
Accidentally got buzzed for Gilead Meal (Thanks Blaine), 
Nearly got killed in the FEB,
Got lost at the outside houses,
Cleaned windows and toilets,
Wandered Bethel at 2am with with no worries,
Had long all night discussions in the E-lobby on the couches,
Went out for Sushi on Halloween with no idea it was a holiday, 
Went to NY city and stayed from 8am to 4am,
Drove (alone) through a lightning storm (at night) strong enough to rival the sky's death,
Got lost in said storm and asked some creepy guy for directions (I still regret that)
Went on a vacation Saturday to Hyde Park and had some feminine guy give us a history speech about a mansion,
Got cussed out by some random crazy guy,
Saw a cow head in a bucket,
Battled with a monster turd in the E-building while cleaning bathrooms,
Made amazing friends,
Made amazing enemies,
Saw friends leave Bethel,
Heard of friend's tragic deaths back home,
Made mistakes I'll always regret,
Made choices I'll always be proud of,
Found a love that drove me mad,
Lost that love and saved my life,
Felt more confident than ever before,
Felt more lost than ever before,
Discovered the Trevor hiding inside,
And was helped by Jehovah to find my path.

Now that the Bethel chapter of my life is over, I could not be happier to see the path ahead of me! Now this new chapter has opened up; My Skyline Path Chapter.
Thank you, Jehovah, for showing me how to do the impossible. Thank you for the friends you've given, thank you for the hardships you allowed, and thank you for the innumerable blessings that I will never fathom. Thank you for your forgiveness when I'm weak, and thank you for your patience when I'm deceived. Thank you for clearing up my illusions, and for fixing my broken body. Thank you for your humility when I am haughty, and thank you for the mend when my heart has shattered. Thank you for overlooking my naivety, and for loving my imperfections. Thank you for not allowing my sins to cover your eyes, and thank you for allowing me to live for you. Thank you for never giving up on me when I give up on you, and thank you for not forsaking me when I've forsaken you. Thank you for giving me what I don't deserve, and thank you for helping me deserve what I won't take. Thank you for your strength when I seek my own, and thank you for seeking me when I am lost. Thank you for a hand when I've lost my soul, and thank you for a shoulder when my spirit is crushed. Thank you for helping me find myself when no one else could, and thank you for the supports, both earthly and heavenly.

And Jehovah,
Thank you for showing me a Skyline worth following. :]



  1. I laughed and I cried (literally, *sniff!*)Very nice.

  2. this is so amazingly deep...crying and laughing and actualy picturing you saying this

  3. Nice story. At least you have had experiences, others of us wished we could have. Enjoy each day 'serving' Jehovah.

  4. Trevor,

    I enjoyed reading your blog. I am currently in Kingston, Ontario in Rideau Congregation, originally from Uganda. Thank you so much for serving Jehovah in your youth. I have a 19 year old son, baptized in 2009, I wish he could experience your wonderfull life. I hope to introduce him to your blog so he could be inspired by your adventure and trust in Jehovah. Keep up the good work!


  5. Jenny- Thanks :] I actually did the same, even though I'm the one that wrote it!

    Ninjabunny- Heya! Long time no see! You could imagine me saying these things, huh? Haha, well I'm glad you like them!

    Charles- Thank you so much! I've been given so many blessings, I'm not sure how well I can live up to them!

    Elizabeth- Greetings from Uganda, do you miss it at all? Congratulations on your son being baptized in '09, and I hope that he continues doing well spiritually! Feel free to email me if you want any further information or if he is interested in Need Greating!

  6. Thanks for sharing this Trevor, that was beautiful, you are a good example for other young ones. ~ Mom Kasper

  7. I see how it is trevor. I feel falsely accused on your blog. I only gave you one margarita. But you hadn't eaten anything and it was new to you so maybe you felt a little buzzed. At the same time I don't think you were really buzzed. Oh and as for a few of those other things... good times. Also Why didn't going through a bathroom window or blowing off your overseer's overseer make the list?

  8. very touching...and funny...especially with Blaine's bonus features! Just remember the things you do with others, can come back on you later, because they know what you did! X) Keep setting the fine example you are (Ps. 34:8? taste and see that Jehovah is good)! I've truly enjoyed reading your posts, and been greatly encouraged by them as well as the comments from the friends!

  9. Thanks, momma kasper!

    Yeah yeah, Blaine, check the next post, I redeemed myself!

    Welcome back Nautica! Thanks a lot!