Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Africa- "Eh, you give me one!"

Things are under control!
"Eh!" "EH!!" "Eh??" "Eh...."
How can one word have so many meanings? The word "eh" here in Africa is used as often as in Canada, or as often as a teenager uses the words 'like' or 'you know'! Here are some examples.
"Eh!" Can mean "Hey!" like they're calling you or trying to get your attention.
"EH!!" Can be a way to show that they're mad at you. (Funny note, 'mad' means 'crazy' here because of UK influence, so instead they say 'annoyed' to mean angry)
"Eh??" Means "What??" or "Huh??" Sort of like, "What?? Are you serious??"
And "Eh..." means something similar to "uuuuuh..." or "ummmmm...".
Until you get used to how they use words, you're going to have a harder time figuring the people out than Paris Hilton has finding shoes that cost under $200. Just by the way something is said, and with what emotion it carries, the word changes. I suppose that can be true of English, but not near as much as you may find in African languages. (Another funny note, they pronounce the 'h' in the word 'herb', or 'heir')
Richard doing a great job!
At first, I was not getting the speech patters down. "Eh" to me was as vague as when mom used to say "we'll see", and I was always thoroughly confused. Then, finally, one day I was listening to a brother give his presentation and BOOM. I got it. It made sense. I finally understood how these people talk. From that point forward, my ministry flew off the charts.
Finally I could speak with the locals, even though I only know a few of their words. Another shattered wall, another clearing on my path!
During early morning service, Richard and I stationed ourselves on the side of the road and preached to those that passed. As I was talking to one person, a boda (motorbike taxi) passed with a girl on the back. I paid no attention to her, but then she suddenly appeared beside me, still on the boda.
"Eh!" She said, "You give me one!" So I reached in my bag and handed her a magazine. She wanted one in the local language (Rutoro) and English. Then the boda driver asked for one as well, so we handed him one. So off into the sunset she rode, (or sunrise, really) reading her new magazines on the boda. (hopefully the driver waited to read his)
We're a bit outnumbered, but in a good way.
I laughed to myself, thinking of how she had the boda turn around to pick up the literature. It doesn't really surprise me, come to think of it, because we get stuck where groups of people come up to talk to us. We end up handing out literature to everyone that comes up, so by the time we finally take another step we've placed 12 magazines. As seen in the picture, we talk to multiple people at once. Everyone of them listens carefully and asks questions.
The brothers here have a blessing and a curse. I call it a blurse. Their blurse is that they have an amazing territory, but since they've been raised with it, sometimes it can be difficult for them to recognize how amazing it is. They view it as a normal territory. What helps them keep perspective, however, is seeing our reaction when in the ministry. Among us need greaters all through the world, there are places that are legendary for their amazing field. Uganda is one such place.
Well for now, that's about all I'll post! Keep up the requests, please, as it helps me get a sense of what interests you guys!
Thank you SO much for reading, and a ~SPECIAL~ thanks to those that comment. (everyone else gets a normal, nonspecial thanks) It helps me keep up my zeal and appreciation when I see how other people are affected!
~Trevor B

"Why have I chosen this Skyline Path in Jehovah's service, even if it means serving in places that terrify me? I would rather be scared out of my mind than bored out of my mind."


  1. Awesome post! I think I mentioned on Flickr, reminds me so much of the French field (mostly African). We would come home exhausted and exhilarated.... no greater feeling!

    "I would rather be scared out of my mind than bored out of my mind." Amen to that Bro! Boredom breeds apathy and complacency, nearly a death-stroke for a servant of Jehovah. Keep up the hard work, and keep on sharing... it's a huge encouragement to a lot of us (I pass your experiences on to whatever car group I'm in... they eat it up! Adds 'spice' to our morning of not-at-homes.)

  2. Keep it up Chev! Your posts keep my goal of need greeting alive and shows that I can do it too! I mean......look..... YOU'RE IN AFRICA!!!!

  3. I read all your posts and it draws your old gran closer to you. Jaden is at Bethel! What a wonderful way to serve Jehovah. Love you

  4. Ok I guess I'll come out and say something. :-). I've been read your post for about a month now and they are really encouraging for me. I went back and read the older posts too. I really enjoy it. I would like to be a need greater in the future and maybe work at bethel temporarily. I'm still working it out. Anyway I'm going into my second year of pioneering. It seems that at least in my area there is a two year hump where many quit full-time service after the second year, but I refuse! LOL

  5. That anonymous was me. I'm still trying to figure out how to comment.

  6. I stumbled upon your website and have really enjoyed your stories. Thanks for sharing. You are brave to take such a leap of faith and it is an inspiration. I plan on checking back again and again.

  7. Jenny, Thanks, I really appreciate it! But all my posts are copyright, you can't share them. Totally kidding, btw!

    Zech, Honduras! *fist pump*

    Grandmama, HI! How is Alaska treating you??

    Steph, Can I call you Steph? Wow, thank you for reading, then! I've never thought of myself or my posts as being encouraging, but the brothers and sisters really seem to like them. Jehovah has provided us with an amazing opportunity, hasn't he? You know, when I went to Pioneer School, almost all (all but 2) of the young ones stopped Pioneering sometime after the class. It was sad to see them go, and continue on 'alone'. But, half of our class was made up of those that were coming back for their second time, so I KNEW that it could be done! So much like you, I decided never to give in. I'm in this until the end, and a step further! Let me know how your goals turn out, I'd love to hear it! Thank you SO SO much for reading, it is a HUGE encouragement to me, and it helps me keep excited about what I've been given (and I totally don't deserve it, either)! Hopefully I'll see you in a need greating realm!

    Anonymous, Brave? I think its stupid and reckless, haha! But it seems that Jehovah can somehow use even a fool such as I. Thank you for reading! Thank you SO much!

  8. Yup, I go by any form of Stephanie, including Steph and Stephy. I'm not picky. As long as you keep writing, I'll keep reading. Chao for now!

  9. truly encouraging! Ganbatte ne!