Sunday, December 19, 2010

Africa- Introducing: Fred

Everyone, I have an announcement. I now officially have a call who is coming to meetings. I am pleased to introduce, Fred.
I walked to the meeting today, and I was almost late. I got in just as Johnathan Gubser (another need greater, a post about him and his wife is pending) got up on stage. After the song and prayer, he came up to me told me there was someone there waiting for me, and was in the back of the hall. There, in yellowcheckers, was Fred. My first official call who came to the meetings.

Now that may not seem like a big deal. "Woohoo a call came.' However, before you ride that train too far, please allow me to completely derail it for you. Are you sitting down? You may want to, because this will knock you down. I only called on Fred ...
Wait for it...
Nope, I'm not done. On his first meeting, he sat and took notes. "Cool" I thought. Still not done, don't stand up yet. After the public talk, we stood up with song book in hand, and he huddled close to me. As I was singing, I heard a faint voice beside me join in. I dismissed it as nothing and kept singing. Then, the voice got louder and louder. It was Fred.
He was singing.
I looked over in shock at him as he concentrated hard, his brow furrowed. He was singing out loud, almost as loud as everyone else. I was in disbelief. I patted him on the back, and commended him for singing. Maybe he did so by ear, maybe he can read music, but he was singing it correctly.
Then (Still not done) the watchtower rolled around. About paragraph 12 (I think), the unthinkable happened. Fred raised his hand.
My mind was blown.
He commented on the golden rule, and he was RIGHT. This is the guy's first time at the kingdom hall, and I had only called on him TWICE. Now he is singing and commenting at the meetings...
Still not done.
After the meeting was over, he commented on how warm everyone was. He was loving it. Sometimes when there is a new song that we don't know from the new songbook, the congregation practices it after the meeting Sunday to prepare for the next week's meetings where it is used. Fred stayed with us and practiced with us. This young man did more with us on his FIRST MEETING than some brothers have done who have been coming for years.
Needless to say, I am thoroughly excited for him, and I hope nothing but the best for him.
Nope, I am still not done. As time goes on, I'll let everyone know what happens regarding Fred, and how he progresses. Soon we officially start our first study. Today, once again, Jehovah has sped up the work so much, and He truly showed how wonderful He is, and how powerful His word can be.
Until next time,


  1. Wonderful! 素晴らしい!! すごい! Sounds like there is a lot of potential. I hope he continues on the path he's on now! It was so exciting and encouraging to read this post! Keep up the good work. I'm rooting and praying for all of you over there! You must've been very excited each time he surprised you with his actions. Jehovah's truly using you for such an important assignment and supporting you! 。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。

  2. What an awesome experience! (BTW I DO think its a big deal when a call comes to the Hall. Even without the singing and commenting. It's a minor miracle for that to happen here!) Its times like these that make me so glad that Jehovah is still gathering in 'desirable things'. And what a privilege that you get to be used to work with Fred. Surely a reward for your willing spirit!

  3. Nautica, I hope so, too! Thanks for the prayers, we need them! (So does everyone)

    Jenny, thanks a lot! I couldn't agree with you more! Jehovah is amazing, and he blesses us in so many ways that it can be hard to know them all, if it is even possible. Thanks for your comment!

  4. Very good exerience; Thanks for sharing.We have young bro. here, now baptised 2 yrs. Came in very quickly & is full steam ahead. Aux. pio, leads group in service, good talks, prayer, etc.
    Hope Fred continues in the light. Seems more younger people are coming in.

  5. SO EXCITING!!! I always get goosebumps when I hear experiences like that. It is really amazing that he wasn't afraid to sing, so many are. May Jehovah continue to be with you and Fred in his new journey.

  6. Thanks for sharing this experience, that is wonderful...keep up your hard work, may Jehovah continue to bless your hard work.~Mom Kasper

  7. Wow, so cool! I remember when my first call had come to the meeting, I was so excited. But I think I would have fell out of my seat if she had done what Fred did.

  8. Love you so much!!!! I am so proud of you for putting yourself in the position for Jehovah to use you as a need greater. ;--) He is truly blessing your efforts! No you are reeaaly busy but if you can sometime, drop Grandma a line.

  9. Thanks, everyone! I appreciate the feedback!
    Strangebrew, take off you nob! (just a quote, don't really)
    Momma Kasper, I miss you guys...:[
    Brianna, grats for Jaden!!
    Grandma, WHUT UP?! I'll email you, haha!

  10. Charles, nice experience! I'm sure he is a wonderful example for the Hall, and an encouragement to all!

  11. Awesome!!! I gotta say tho...... nice pic.....the somehow stylish AFRICA!!!and the Band...... Love it!

  12. What a great experience, Trevor! Please keep us posted on Fred's progress--I had a big grin on my face as I was reading your post :-)

  13. What a great reminder that there are still many who need to hear about our wonderful Heavenly Father Jehovah? Incredible story, thanks, -Ben

  14. Zech, hahahaha! Thanks! Send me a message sometime if you're free. :]
    Deborah, (its Deborah, right?) Of course I'll keep you guys posted on Fred. He is an awesome guy, and I can see that Jehovah is bringing him in!
    Benjamin, Thanks for the comment, I appreciate it! *thumbs up*