Thursday, November 11, 2010

Africa- Street Work

Twene amakuru. Thats right. You heard me. Twene amakuru.
'Twene amakuru amarunji kuruga mu baibuli', to be quite thorough. Translation?
"I'd like to share some good news from the bible."
That is the new presentation that I've learned with the brother's help. So far it works quite well, to be honest. I've been using it for early morning service (7:15am-ish) when we do street work. We start at a brother's house and we just start walking down the street. There are loads of people going to work, school, so on and so forth. We just walk right up to someone and say the above phrase. Sometimes we'll talk with them a little bit more, but mainly we just leave it at that. I've only had ONE person turn me down since I've gotten here. We get surrounded by 50 kids all talking to me at once.
"MUZUNGU!" (Kids)
"Omutoro!*" (Me)
So the kids will flock me and stare in wonderment and fear. On my life, I swear it looks like some of them are terrified of me. Some seem to love every little thing I do, and some have just a blank stare. Ever so often there is a group of little kids that make fun of the muzungu accent and mock us. I was told to call them out on it, because the culture usually shows respect to elders. So when I tell them that they are being very rude, they get ashamed and stop. Sometimes they ask for money, and I reply sharply "Hey! Don't ask for money, that is rude!"
"I'm sorry..."
One time these kids started swarming me again, and one grabbed the handful of tracts I had out of my hand. I slapped his hand and took them back, looking him dead in the eye and pointing. Haha! He looked shocked! As he stood there with a face nearly as white as mine, I calmly said in a brooding tone:
"Say please."
"...please?" (kid)
"Ok!" (me, quite merrily)
So I gave him one. Sometimes the kids all rush me when I hand one out and they all demand one.
"Nope, you all have to share. I dont have enough. Can you share?" One time a little girl said she could share, and she snatched one out of the hand of the little boy I gave it to and ran. The little boy let out a snort and chased after her. That was most definitely the best moment of that day.

I have a couple coming over for movies tonight! Awesome! I got 7 hours in service today, and was done at 2pm. Now its relax time! So great. Tomorrow I go on my study again, and the couple I'm house sitting for comes home. I'll let you know how my study goes, and hopefully he comes to the meeting!

By the way, thanks to all my readers. Its nice to see that I'm not alone in this big vast world, and that there is actually someone interested in me and my life. Other than my family, because that is a given. Love you, Barrett family! Every last one! (Cassy most, though.)
To the readers outside my family, please comment (aka 'poke') any requests or questions. Its encouraging to know who I have reading this stuff. If you 'follow' my blog as well, it helps me know you're reading. If you care, then go ahead, if not, no harm done but I'll never know you're reading unless you email me. (Or comment)
Ok, time to do nothing! Yay, lazy!

*Omutoro basically means local (person). Muzungu means they are calling me a white boy, and replying omutoro is like calling them a local. It usually gets a laugh, because they realize that I'm throwing back to them what they threw to me.


  1. Okay! I'm sitting here at work, way across the Atlantic Ocean, having a refreshing read. :-)

  2. Muwaha, thanks! I'm in the middle of Africa having a refreshing drink, listening to Jack Johnson, encouraged by a reader, Helen!

  3. Loved hearing about your day and your experiences with the kids.

  4. PS--I see you survived the kats (yes, I know)

  5. I love to see little children's faces when they come to the realization that you won't take disrespect from them. It's excellent.

  6. everyday..... next to reading my days text, then catching up on facebook i immediately go to my rss feed to see if u posted something!! keep it comming chevah!!

  7. Dsc- Thanks, I appreciate it! *highfive* (Yes, the kats ((I know)) have yet to take me out)
    Maxine- Its a beautiful thing, isn't it?
    Fullah (Zech)- Whatup?! Thanks, Fullah! We have to meet up again, yeah? Lets do it sometime!

  8. Still here reading. Lovin' the posts! Keep them comin'! I can't believe you actually smacked that kid's hand! I would probably get thrown into the local watering hole(the ones for the lions) for it(because unlikely issues like that tend to happen to me)! That's great, don't let them treat you like that just cause you're a muzungu...I mean really muzungu...冗談よ冗談よ!

  9. Nautica, thanks a bunch! Yeah, I smacked the kid's hand, and let me tell you, that was like nothing I've ever done, haha. I'm not sure I'll even do it again, but at least this one time it worked!
    Ps. The watering hole isn't actually that bad!

  10. What you're doing brother inspires me to do my best and fulfill my goals in Jehovah's organization as long as you keep posting i'll keep reading i wish you the best down there in Uganda:)