Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Africa- Grim Death Awaits?

     I must hurry, I haven't much time. They will be back soon...
As many of you know, I am house sitting for someone right now, watching the kats. (I know) November 25th brings up yet another housesitting chore for another couple, where I watch another kat. (I know) However, that is of course if I survive this week. My time might be short.
You see...I am being hunted...The kats (I know) that I am watching are...watching me from the dark places in the house. I see their bright eyes shine as I pass their hiding spot, waiting. They have the taste of blood, and I've received warnings of various kinds. At first they seemed like harmless play, but now the kats (I know) are more aggressive. Playful bites and paws have become more...they now place bodies of their victims in various strategic places throughout the house. Every morning...there is another death, hinting of a similar fate. Please, pray for me.
Just the past couple days I've found two dead lizards. They were in plain sight in the kitchen, with a kat (I know) standing over the body. As I approached the first body, the kat (I know) looked me dead in the eyes before snorting and walking away. I cleaned up the evidence. Then, the next day I found another lizard, but in another fashion. The other kat (I know) brought the body of the second lizard to me, and sat in front of my with it in its mouth. Dropping it at my feet, the message was clear. My days...they grow shorter.
After a few hours of thinking that things might have calmed down, I was proven wrong. It has gotten bad. I woke from a nap and approached the kitchen unaware. Fool that I am. No kats (I know) in sight, the first gruesome sight I saw was...not a body...but...
The head of a lizard...sitting in a pool of blood.
I havent been the same since. The look on its little face still haunts my nights...my dreams.
After cleaning it up...I saw both kats (I know) watching me from their spots. Dead stares communicated what the lack of words left out. Soon...similar fate.
Two cockroaches about the size of a football confirm it even more, the kats (I know) have it in for me.
I hear them. I have to go. If...if I don't survive this...know that it was the kats (I know) who did this to me. Pugsly, the fat one, and Sassy, the slender one. They both are working together, don't let them fool you!

One last thing...tell my mom I love her. And I ate her snickers...sorry.


  1. I prayed for you...no...wait...that was for the reeses candy bar that the cruel perpetrator left sitting on the table in front of me at their house this morning...my prayers were answered. (^u^)
    As for the prayer for your survival...we'll see if they were answered.

  2. Nautica...you're loyalty to the reeses is a far better choice. Reeses=the best candy this world has ever know. Fact.