Sunday, November 14, 2010

Africa- More insanity in everyday life...

(This part does not count as the actual blog. Forgive the lack of pictures, but I cannot get the internet to work consistently enough to post pictures. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. So, I just uploaded two on flickr, other than that, I'm trying. Sorry! The blog and flickr remain relatively pictureless for now :[
Ok, now for the actual blog part)

Hey, who keeps pressing the 'Torture' button on my blog? I'm watching you, punk. No, actually it's ok. I suppose that if you truly are tortured by it, you could just stop reading my blog and save yourself the heartache, so by pressing torture you are either playing and you mean well, or you are my arch nemesis determined to destroy my blog and reputation! Have at thee! I'll sick the Kats on you!
Kat attack!
Ok seriously now.

We just had a recent visit of a District Overseer and his wife. Absolutely insane, let me tell you. More fun than a barrel of really fun monkeys that don't bite your face off.
We played this bible game where you pretend you're in service. You have a householder to present it to, and an assistant with a bag. Someone picks a scripture for you, and you have to present it like you were in service, but you don't have any practice time. Then once you have gotten through your presentation as best you can to fit the scripture in, your 'assistant' pulls out a random item from his service bag, and you have to fit that into your random presentation. Sometimes the item has been a shoe, a screwdriver, a mango, etc etc. Guess what the scripture was they picked for me?
Proverbs 5:19. 
Tell me, how do you come up with a presentation for that?? And of course I was the ONLY single person in the group. And the item that they gave me? Bugspray. So how do you combine a scripture like that with bug spray, right off the top of your head? Here is a little project for you. If I get 3 presentations with that scripture and bugspray, I'll tell you in the next post or two what I did for it. (Leave it in the comment/email)

Well, Brian and Rowena are back from the Elder school now, and I’m soon to be house sitting for the Panduros as they leave for their yearly trip back home. I’ll be all alone, again. This time, for a bit more than a month. Jehovah, be with me…Nah, actually things went fine while the Bennetts were gone. (Brian and Rowena) I was able to settle in more mentally speaking. In fact, I’m more confident now than I have been since arriving. Did you know that I’m in my third week now? Whoa, time really flies here.
Anyway, I took a Boda the other day. (Boda=motorbike taxi) All I had to do was raise my hand, and a horde of Bodas came racing to me. Muzungu=money I guess. So I went to the supermarket to pick up a few things for service and that night. Man, the kids all stare when they see a white dude on a Boda. I have SUCH an urge to wave all cool like, but I just know that I’ll slip off and die. Then its like a muzungu pancake.
I loooooove cake!
In service Saturday it was gray and cool all day. To be honest, I liked the cool weather. The only downside is that it rained so much the other day that the local road flooded in one part. Then, while working in town, it started to rain again heavily. The brother and I had to get to the Kingdom Hall because the meeting started soon, so we walked it. It was not a long walk when sunny out, but when its raining so hard we had no choice but to slow our progress. We were jumping like morons to avoid the rivers that made up half the road, and of course the flooded part of the road was RIGHT in the path of the Kingdom Hall. We crossed a mini bridge to get around the flooded part, but even that path was flooded, so we had to go up into the houses and the back ways to find a clear(er) spot. We finally found and jumped over the last stream and made our way back to the main road where we continued playing hopscotch with the puddles and few non-river spots of the road. Of course, for the 30 min walk, we only had one small umbrella. When we got to the Hall, we realized that my whole left side was soaked and the brother’s whole right side was soaked because the umbrella was just not big enough for two people. It was like a perfect line down the middle, marking soaked and dry. My service bag was dripping, and lots of my literature was nearly ruined. All in all, meh, it turned out alright, though. The brother and I got closer from the experience, anyway. So after that, we gave ourselves a nick name in honor of our closer friendship. Salt and Pepper. Haha, get it? Salt…Pepper?
Anyway we made it to the Hall in time, and the meeting went as normal.

Many times that day, we were walking down the street and sharing tracts with people and others would see us handing stuff and and walk up to us and ask for one as well. We actually have to be a little careful so we don't just hand out literature to people randomly. We would like if they knew what we're giving to them, you know? Its nice for placements, but at the same time we want to make sure we have a good quality as well. We are not in service to place stuff with people, we are there to teach them the bible.

That about wraps up things on this end, but I'll expect some comments/requests/complaints! (not really, I dont require any of those)


  1. I really want to hear what you came up with so here are three presentations (although I'm not sure when the item is pulled out in the presentation and just how serious or applicable the presentation is supposed to be):
    1) Do you think happy marriage can succeed in a world filled with distress? (Read proverbs 5:19)if a charming mountain goat were in our care, we would certainly want to protect our wives as though they were a charming mountain goat we did not want to lose. Here is some bug spray (take out bug spray) for the next time she is outside working hard so you can battle of the "forces of nature".
    2)Do you think it is possible to remain faithful to your spouse? (Read Proverbs 5:19) this points out one way that we can remain faithful by focusing on our wives good qualities. But sometimes we need a little help, (take out bug spray) if you spray this in your eyes, you will find it easier to look away from temptations.
    3)Do you think that marriages are meant to last? (Read Proverbs 5:19) We see here that we can continue to have a deep love for our wives. Whether married or single, we want to be sure that the only one we have that love for is our wife, present or future. But sometimes that kind of quality is sought after, this (pull out bug spray) will help you in warding off unwanted attention and keep yourself pleasing in God's eyes.

    This was the best I could do as shots in the dark (STOP LAUGHING...or are you crying...)given that I had no details in regards to the setting of this game (whether it's meant to be humorous or serious). So EAT IT!! XP You gotta tell!! (^u^)

  2. Wow...That was actually hilarious/amazing! I'll include it in the next post, promise!

  3. 本当に凄い! (T_T) *focused*

  4. What a day! First I read an e-mail from my missionary friends in Guinea telling me that in Chocolate Town (where they live, although that's not the real name, it's called that because when it rains you get covered with chocolate mud up to your ankles), that it was announced at their meeting (in French, the main language of the country) that the following week would bring the visit of the Circumcision Overseer---yikes!!
    And there is a brand of facial tissue there (I kid you not) named Titz--just be VERY thankful, Trevor, that your surprise out of the bag was only bugspray. Needless to say, I've gotten my giggles for the day.