Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Africa- Where in the World is Trevor?

From Left: Johnathan, Mikki, Chris, Trevor (me), Row, Tabi, Kate(D.O.'s wife), Dick (D.O.) Brian (taking the picture)
I'm in Africa. That's where. I cannot tell you how many times I've wondered: "What the world am I doing?" Still, we've had a wonderful time here. Making friends, finding common interests, and sharing many different experiences. Uganda is an amazing place, for sure. Who knows where I'll end up in the next 5 months (that's right, only 5 months left) but I'm sure that Africa will always stick with me even if I never return. Who knows, Africa could be my home someday.
While during the early morning street work I've decided to start telling people to watch for me. Already people are starting to recognize me, so my hopes are that I'll be able to turn it from a brief chat about the bible to more of the meat and taters. Then the early morning hours can be productive and help with my time. I mean, they are productive already, as I've placed about 40 tracks and 20 brochures. However, as I'm sure you know, I would like to make sure I'm not just handing out stuff to people, but instead I'm actually helping them to learn more about the bible. So now I have a great mixture of street work, bible studies, and return visits.
Just today I talked to a young woman (Beitris) who was so happy that we came to her door. She had never talked to the witnesses, but the Ugandans all love anyone who preaches about the bible. So when we came with the bible, she opened right up.
One of the things she loved to talk about was God, so then I asked her what I ask most people here.
"If you wanted to get to know me, what would you want to know first of all?
"Your name!" She said, very matter of fact.
"What is God's name?" I asked. Normally they are stumped and have no idea. This leads to a great conversation. However, she knew a little more than most people.
"Jehovah!" She replied enthusiastically!
"...oh...well yeah, thats it. How did you know?" I was shocked! No one has ever gotten that right!
"I read my bible everyday!" She exclaimed.
So I had to redirect the conversation, because it was clear that she knew a lot more than I thought she did. The thing is, I didn't know she was so interested, because a lot of times Ugandans have blank expressions, but when we were wrapping up and ready to go to the next place, she seemed a little bit worried.
"Do...do you have just 5 more mins?" She asked.
"Uh...of course!"
So we went into her home, and sat on the floor. (Well, there was one chair that they let me have. Aw, how sweet!)
We studied from the Teach Book for the next 30 mins, and she read a paragraph at a time beautifully! She was a wonderful student! The only problem was that we only caught her at home because today is a Muslim Holiday, so she was off. Nevertheless, she asked if we could come back and study with her, so we set it up for Saturday. I'll let you know if anything comes of it, but the first visit was amazing. She is a very bright, very sincere young woman, and hopefully in a few visits I can give her to a sister in the hall to study with her. :]

Remember Mondays? They are the day off for the Need Greaters here. This Monday Chris, Tabby, and I all went to the Mountains, a Hotel very near by. They let you swim all day at the pool for just $2. So Chris and I got a ball and had at it. The sun kept coming and going, but it was nice and warm. Much fun to take a day off and enjoy the day! WOW it felt good!

Please wear appropriate eye protection for the glare
This Wednesday we are going to a lodge that overlooks some valley thing. I'm told that it is amazing and spectacular, so I'm looking forward to it! I'll take many pictures and let you know how it was! After that, we are going to a local sister's home (She's in her 90's!) to attend a class she is putting on for the Need Greaters to teach them Ruturo, the local language! She's so sweet! Its already nearly Wednesday, and the week is going to be very busy!

Funny story about the pool. Near the Hotel's pool there is a school. Outside the gates of the pool there were a bunch of kids watching us from the fence.
"Muzungu! Hello, how are you?!" All lined up against the fence watching the Muzungus at play. Probably the most white skin they've ever seen! It was hilarious to see the looks on their faces!


  1. That's awesome! Do you think you could live there one day? What's ur daily expenses look like? Anyone your age in the hall or need greating?

  2. Woah! I was reading your post, and as I scrolled down, a bright light flashed. I can't see anymore...I CAN'T SEEEE!!! (opens eyes and looks around)...oh...okay, I'm alright. (^u^) Sounds like a wonderful adventure, and the pictures are great too! It makes me miss swimming!

  3. Zech, Maybe I'll live here one day. At least for a while, maybe. It takes time. Expenses are VERY low, compared to the states! There is a good mix of young and old in our Hall. Its nice!
    Nautica, I told you to put on some eye protection, but did you listen? Noooo.

  4. I did! They're my eyelids, I just forgot to take them off. ('.')

  5. WHITE BOY! Oh my word, my little brother is glow-in-the-dark white!!! (Typical Alaskan- though, I'm not one to talk...) Haha, sorry, but that was my first thought! n_n; Those are regular ol' shorts, aren't they...? =_= Oh well! I'm glad to hear things are so busy and exciting for you. It would be sad otherwise, huh? <3

  6. Nina, how nice to hear from you, I'm assured now that you're not DEAD! I'm white as snow, aren't I? I scared myself, even. I don't have proper swim shorts, but yeah they get the job done!
    (Ps. I knew it was you right away, just for the record >;] )