Sunday, November 7, 2010

Africa- All alone...

I'm all alone in Africa right now. The couple I'm with left for a class for the week. (Week, not weak) That means that I'm alone to watch the house and the kats. (Yes I know its 'cats') All. Alone. In the heart of Africa. Surrounded by people I don't understand. With foods I'm not used to. Alone in the dark at night.
This is awesome.
One of the local couples gave me a few episodes of House and Doctor Who. (Don't judge me)
Do you have any idea how creepy Doctor Who is at 8pm when its pitch black out and you're alone??
"AAAAHH!! I know this shouldn't scare me, and logically speaking this is ridiculous, but AAAHHH!!!"
So that was my night. Now its about 8am, and I'm getting ready to do some house work and feed the Kats. (I know) Today is an 'off' day. Monday is the day that the local Need Greaters take off, so when in Rome, right? Catch up on some studying, clean up around the house, and just all around being lazy for a day. Its awesome. I never had time to set aside a day like this when I was home. Then, tomorrow I start some early morning for the first time! I'm sort of going to be spearheading it here, so that will help get some hours and maybe gain access to people that were normally harder to get. We'll see.

I'm starting to get in with the little kids in the congregation. Yesterday I taught a kid how to do that little hand ocarina thing, aka the loon call. It was the coolest thing he'd ever seen, and it scared him when he first made a sound. Also at the meeting, I learned a few things about the African culture. They are not afraid to be touchy. Sometimes around here the guys will be holding hands.
I dont hold another dudes hand. I dont even like handshakes for Pete's sake! (Who is this Pete, anyway? I'm going to google it) But in a complete hetro-way, they will hold hands at times. Sometimes when shaking my hand, they just dont let go, and then the arm starts to relax some. That is the beginning stages of holding hands, and in desperation I always find a way to show that I need my hand back. Like, slapping them. Ok, I've never done that, but I will not be cool with the whole holding hands thing. Sure, I learned my phobia from the culture that glorifies homosexuals, (nearly nonexistent here) but there is one rule that is nonnegotiable. Dudes dont hold my hand.

*shudder* Sure, if I ever find a wife, I'll hold her hand, but nope. No dudes.
Anyway, I'm getting used to the little things here. Like, the lips are used to point sometimes.
"Where is the bathroom?"
The lips pucker and point towards the bathroom. Its odd when you dont know what they are doing.
"Uh..." *someone whispers into my ear what they are doing*
"OH. Thats...odd."
Then they will close their eyes and arch their eyebrows to indicate yes.
"You said that you're name was____?" (Me)

*Arch* (African)
"...I...uh..." (Me)
"That means yes." (Fellow mozungu)

Man, things really take some getting used to! Its fun, though, and it provides hours of entertainment!
Ok. Time to feed these cats.

Ps. Pictures are not working again...


  1. That's crazy!! The filipinos do the lip point too! It's crazy how you never knew it was truly an art until you've seen them point their lips like nobody's business (with attitude)! They keep saying that I'll do it too in time, I have a hard time seeing it though!
    As for the holding hands...I'll let you know if they do it in the Philippines, but as far as I know, not so much a Filipino thing.
    Sounds like a lot of fun though!
    Spearhead that early morning work!...just don't hurt anybody. joudanjoudan!! (^u^')/

  2. Whoa! I had no idea the Filipinos do the lip thing, too! Who knew that the lips could have so much attitude??
    *Grabs a spear*
    HURAAAAH *Throws the spear*

  3. Funny post about the lip-pointing. That's done here, but with the bottom lip only, so perhaps it's in the genes. :-)