Friday, October 29, 2010

Africa- Fort Portal

Im in Fort Portal! Woot! *does a little dance*
Alright, here is a run down of what has been going on. Well, more like a stroll down, cus I'm too tired to run.

The first couple days I was in Africa, I spent the time in the Uganda Bethel. Its a Bethel that serves a lot of translation, and only about 50 brothers and sisters serve there. Much smaller than what I am used to, having been to Walkill. But still, it was a very nice Family feel to it. I stayed with a brother in his room, so that was kinda nice. Kinda odd, but nice. A little awkward, to be honest...*shrug*
(For the life of me...I'm trying to post the pictures, but the internet is just bogged down right now. Keep checking back and I'll try and add them later when internet is better)

So after a few lunches and dinners and such, Brian and his wife came and got me. Thank goodness, because I think I was starting to go insane! I had nothing to do in the Bethel, so I needed some action. Anyway, Brian took me through Kampala, a very hot city that has about 3-4 million people. Poverty is everywhere, and many kids have little or nothing. Very diverse, as well. But we were just passing through on our way to Fort Portal. About a 3-4 hour drive from Kampala, the roads range from mud holes to nice highways. Remember, this is the main road out of Kampala, and in many places it is just mud! Mud everywhere! So after about an hour of head trauma from hitting my head on the ceiling on the bumps, we hit the nice road with a launching thud! We had to go fast on some parts or we would get stuck! And the traffic is insane here! I cannot believe I am still alive... So yeah,from there it was beautiful hills and green, green forests. Wow that was nice.
Now, fastforward.
vsssvssvshhhhsvssvhshvshshvsssvhs. (thats my fastforward noise)
Now I am in Fort Portal with a WONDERFUL couple. I have my own bathroom and bedroom, and we share the kitchen duties. The wife, Rowena, is constantly trying to cater to me, so I can tell that I have to train her to KNOCK IT OFF and let me do some stuff. (Reminds me of Kim) But I've done dishes, and she is going to co-pilot with me on a few dinners so that I can take over some nights.

Now today was the truly amazing day. I went in the ministry today, and we went rather far out. So first off, I take off with my hat and another brother from Italy, Chris. We go out in the field ministry and talk to people living in extreme poverty, that have nothing. I mean, NOTHING. They are living in mud walled huts. Thats about it. One house had just a table in the center, and the house was the size of a closet. And three people lived in it. But the people in Fort Portal are so logical!
I talked to about 2 people, and Chris needed to help out because I just didnt know how to talk to them. Then, the third person that I talked was amazing. When I saw him, I told him I was going around to talk about the bible. He said to wait so that he could grab his note book, and he left into the house. Soon, he returned with his notebook and a stool for me to sit on. Then he sits on the ground and starts writing down the scriptures I'm using, and tries to take the book I'm showing him.
"Hey! I'll come back with yours, let go!"
He asks for a bible study, and he is coming tomorrow to the meeting. Wow.
After service later that night, we met up with some of the other needgreaters and had a nice drink. They even paid for me, aw. So that is today in an super condensed form! So its late, and this is a horrible way to end a post, but I just dont have time right now. Please forgive me, but I have a busy day tomorrow! BYE.

Oh, say goodbye to the day counting. That junk is hard.
Trevor B~


  1. Wow.. the field service is just amazing.. can't wait!!! Good luck taking care of all your studies.. :)

  2. Amanda! Do you remember Louis? He picked you up from Entebbe. (How ever you spell that)
    There are a few people in the Uganda Bethel that remembered you! I now have proof that you were there, lol

  3. No no.. I havn't been there yet.. On wendsday I arrive.. But still nice of people rembering me even before I even got there ;)

  4. Oh. Well.
    I haven't a clue then. *shrug* :]

  5. Wow! That's wonderful! It's great to hear the experiences! I look forward to reading more of your posts!