Saturday, October 30, 2010

Africa- A few experiences

So in my second day in service today, I worked with a young man named Abraham. You know, there are a lot of people named after bible names over here. So the group of us gathered up some literature and headed out on a tiny little trail that heads behind the kingdom hall. Once Abraham and I split off, we met a young woman named Juliette. We talked for a good while with her, and she never thought of God having a name. So we compared it to a President having a title and a name, and showed her psalms 83:18. She seemed surprised that it was found there in the bible, and that she had never seen it before. So long story short, I gave her a teach book and showed her how to study the first 5 paragraphs, and that I would be back in one week to study with her.
That was great! So the rest of the morning was spent wandering around random paths talking to anyone we saw. Every where I went, there were little kids saying "MUZUNGU!" over and over. That means 'white person', basically. One kid started following us with a pipe, using it as an instrument.
So I turned around finally and looked at him and his friends and did the little loon call.

Then like cockroaches they all screamed and scattered! HA! Take THAT, little African kids! No, but really it was the greatest thing I've seen in a long time! Run little ones, run! The scary white guys make bird noises now! MUWAHAHAHA!
So yeah. That was fun. Some odd things happen here, too. I've only been in two days of service, but yesterday I was in a room with a few people and the brother I was working with. We were talking for a bit, when all of a sudden, -BOOP-. Out comes a boob.
Divert the eyes!
Shhhtuck. On goes the baby to the boob. The brother I was with just started laughing a bit, and later told me that it is totally normal here. In Uganda, the breasts have nothing to do with sexuality, but rather are just tools to feed the kids. So -boop- they pop out all over the place. He also joked around and said it was alright to look...jerk.

One time, a brother was giving a talk on stage, and -boop- a sister started feeding her baby. Then, -boop- she started double teaming with the second baby! It was like a competition between the babies for who could suck mom dry the fastest! Then, when the mother was done, she put her babies down and forgot to cover up. So the brother gave his talk with a doubleboop sitting right in front of him. I give him more respect than ever before now. Heres to you, brother watsurname.
Ok, I have meeting now, so I best be wrapping this up. Internet is still slow, so I'm having difficulty posting any pictures yet. The brother is going to fix it though. :]
Fare thee well, until next we meet.
Trevor B~


  1. Wow. The kids part sounds fun. Haha. I'm just picturing it. That sounds nice. I suppose the breast thing you'll have to get used to, eh? It sounds so funny but whatever. I guess the double boop will be part of your great adventures now and to come.

  2. haha!! :) well isn't it perspective on life we want?? Surely that will classify as that.. Something to tell your grandkids about one day: "Once upon a time, I were in Africa and there were alots of ehm......well children lets just say the babies were fed and happy ehm.."

  3. Yes, indeed! Perspective and memories will searve me just fine since coming to Africa. :] I hope you thoroughly enjoy it again!

  4. We do want to be adaptable in different cultures. Although, because you grew up in a different culture, if you think it would lead to improper desires, cut your eyes out!!! XP joudan joudan!!
    gomenne! m(_ _)m
    But there's nothing wrong with being the funny guy (or girl) when necessary. ;) Here's another tip, they don't kiss on the mouth in Africa, or Eastern India (I think)!
    To be honest, I completely forgot about the boop thing until you posted about it.
    On another note, I hope they don't go hunting for loons there, especially the rare albino loon! XP

  5. Hahaha, Nautica you crack me up sometimes! Thanks for the comment!
    I honestly dont think I'll be kissing anyone, though, so no worries there!

  6. I loved how the breast sound my tea almost came out of my nose