Thursday, October 21, 2010

In Transit to Africa- Day 2, The Path Keeps on

Day 2 (Saturday)
~In NewYork
Alright. I’m in NY now, and I got a ride from the airport to Kim and John’s house. (thank you, Kasper family!) Ah…they have a get-together set up! It was great fun. Funny thing how this works, it turns out the Hudson hall has a lot more Bethelites now. I got to meet them at Kim’s house. Harley, Craig, and Nick. They seem cool, and one of them (you know who I’m talking about) is an Elder and MTS grad. That, yeah. That’s awesome.
Austin Kasper
So anyways. We had a nice time at Kim and John’s place. Both Kim and John spoil the Bethelites, and even me. Sometimes I feel guilty because I didn’t really do anything to deserve such catering to, but if you’ve ever stayed at their place you know its pretty much useless to try and help. The most Kim had me do was the garbage. *shrug* That’s ok. 
 I’m going to stay the night here. Tomorrow I go over to the Kasper’s place to stay the night. Woot! People love me, they really love me!

~Minneapolis  to New York~
Awesome! On my flight I got the whole row to myself! Bwahahaha! I claim this row in the name of Trevor! Non shall pass through my land and not feel my own wrath! Shoes off, sitting in the middle, good old fashioned MINE.
Actually I don’t even know what to do with the time. I could buy some internet, but again that is expensive for a two hour flight. I might buy some internet on the way to London. *shrug*

…5 mins later…
Dylan Kasper
I can see it. The beverage cart. I hate when its coming, because I look so forward to it that I get stressed out. Everyone’s eyes are constantly glancing back to the cart, like some primal desperation to have a liquid in our mouths. Its like we think that the cart will wizz by us if we don’t keep constant watch of it. What I hate is when it is just a row or two ahead, and you have a hard time figuring out the methods of the drink ladies.
“Wait, I think I’m next!” *puts on a smile*
“Would you like something to drink?” (To the guy in front of you)
“Ah poop.” *Smile fades*
Hey, they just said I could buy a beer or wine. Too bad I don’t really like alcohol. *shrug* I might get some pink lemonade for breast cancer awareness. Hey, I never thought I’d use THAT word in my blog.


Awesome, pink lemonade!
They are currently…two rows ahead of me. Everyone is paying close attention to the drink lady now. Like puppies waiting for a treat, or a man waiting for bacon. I’m not denying it, either. Woof!
Figures. The one guy ahead of me has to make it complicated.
“But I want something different from the 200 other people on the plane! BECAUSE I’M SPECIAL.”
Ok I’m going to get the pink lemonade. OH! They’re here! They’re taking a long time to serve me…leave him alone.
Yes, they got my pink lemonade! I’ll include a picture! OOOO! Made with real lemons!

~Anchorage to Minneapolis (Part 2)~
So the captain turned off the fasten seatbelt sign, right? “Alright,” I thought, “perfect opportunity to use the facilities.” First off, I am very glad that I am male. I cannot imagine what those poor women have to go through while trying to sit down on the toilet seat of an airplane. Second, I saw myself in the bathroom mirror and let out a shriek. I look like a sleep deprived rat.
So I’m in the bathroom doing my thing and there is a little bit of turbulence. Hold tight, and don’t lose control. No big deal. Then the doo sound of the captain turning on the seatbelt sign. I even saw a little icon light up in the bathroom, showing a man returning to his seat. I didn’t even know they had those. Still, I got the hint that they wanted me back at my seat.
Sorry Mr. captain dude, I’m already in here. Do you know how hard it is to get up off of the seats in those tiny rows? Yeah, I’m staying in here. Besides, have you ever tried to cut power when in the middle of peeing? Not fun. So I was feeling confident in my choice to ignore the seatbelt sign and finish my business. I wouldn’t be long anyway. Apparently however, the pilot can tell when approaching a spell of turbulence, and takes appropriate measures to warm the passengers.
The next 30 seconds after making my choice consisted of a collaborative mess that included (but is not limited to) me desperately clinging (both hands) to the walls and handles of the small bathroom stall as we hit a large patch of turbulence and giving a nice sheen of yellow to the interior of the small bathroom stall.  After pinballing around a bit, I finally came to rest in the sink. I’m not sure, but I think the flight attendant was frightened by the moaning and sobbing noises that came from the stall. I also distinctly remember the toilet paper roll spinning off all the paper on top of me somewhere in those events, but I can’t really remember where it fits in.
I stepped out with a look of horror and shame on my face, only to realize that I had a small child waiting with his mother to use the bathroom. I surveyed the damage of the small bathroom stall. Not good. Well, nothing to do now but shrug it off. I gave him a thumbs up and said “All yours, buddy!” As I walked by, I saw his face transform from confusion to fear as he imagined a lifetime of bathroom stall experiences similar to mine. I bet he has a phobia of small bathroom stalls after today. 
The moral of this story, for the love of all that is good and holy, if you value your dignity and self esteem, if you don’t want to potentially scar little children early on in their little lives, return to your seat when the light goes on. It turns out that the captain knows his stuff.

~Anchorage to Minneapolis (Part 1)~
I’m not actually typing this at the time I’ve posted it. You see, I don’t have internet on the airplane. Well, I do, but its expensive if I want to pay for it, and I don’t want to pay for it.
So I’m on my flight right now, and its going to be 4 hours long. Meh, not too bad. Good thing too, because I have to pee already, and I just got on. There is a kid a few rows ahead of me that wont stop crying. Its kind of funny actually.
“Honey, no. Shhh. No, honey.” (mom)
For some reason, the people around her think that overly audible and dramatic sighs and huff puffs will make the kid stop. It wont. He doesn’t care at this point. He’s mad, and he is going to make sure that everyone in the plane (and all the planes in a mile radius) are very well aware of this fact. But that wont stop everyone around them from trying to make sure that he knows how upset they are. Its like a contest of who is the angriest. When you’re in my shoes, its very entertaining, almost like Japanese television: You hate to love it.
I’m on the isle seat, with two nice ladies next to me. Both have been friendly so far, and I feel like it will be a wonderful flight.
Ps. Remember those ladies I sat next to? Well I chatted with them some, and helped them with their luggage from the overhead storage, and they really seemed to appreciate it. Later I heard one of them say to the other that I was the kind of guy you’d want as a son-in-law. Aw, that made me feel good.  :]

~Anchorage Airport~ (Day 1 Extra credit)
So there I was, in the airport. I bought a water bottle. (I was about to buy a pack of salted nuts as well, but dude it was $4!) The girl at the counter happened to see my ocarina, and commented on it.
“Oh, how did you know what it was?” I asked her.
“Zelda. I’m a gamer girl.” She replied. She had a very confidant smile.
“Wow.” I thought. After a moment, I responded. “You know, there are not very many of your kind.”
“Yeah, I know. But its actually true in my case, not like all the fakes out there.”
“Yep, a gamer is not classified by casual games like the Wii.” I said.
Random Picture time! Leaves!
“Finally someone who understands that!” She blurted out. She then provided me with a list of all the different games that she has played. Wow, is she ever a gamer girl. Does a more perfect girl exist? Maybe. Anyway. The next 40 mins was all about the games we’ve played, from the original Gameboy(the brick) and Sega, all the way to the newest games on the market. We had much in common. Alas, I had to leave my newfound friend, and go to my flight. Oh well, I made her day and she made mine much easier. Remember, my Kokoro (heart) is still a little squishy from leaving Lacy and Nina. So game talk built me up greatly.  She is a Hordie, and only a few of you will know what that means. She plays a Boomkin and Heals. Both are 80. Does that help out anyone? Trust me, if you’ve been anywhere near the game I am referring to, you’ll know what that is. Drop a comment (poke) if you have the slightest clue!
My journey has just started and already I’m making friends! Yay friends!

Ps. The gamer girl’s name was Lilly.


  1. uumm...WOW!! It took everything I had not to burst out with tears in laughter thus waking up Mr. Creepy Guy while reading this post!
    I think you're roots really came out in this post! (^u^) Now EVERYONE knows where you're from! BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!
    Ehem...It's great to read about your experiences, ever so humorous as well as exciting. Look forward to reading more! Keep on the watch during your journey, for there are sure to be traps lying in your path!

    P.S. Hordie, Boomkin, and Heals wouldn't be referring to a certain WoW hmMMM? o_0

  2. Nautica, you were right! Do you play WoW?
    Thanks by the way, I appreciate the comment. I'll try and be regular but sometimes it can be hard due to the lack of Internet.
    I have to check out your blog, as well!

  3. Wouldn't you like to know! But alas! That is a secret of mine, and mine alone! HAHA!

  4. Nautica- Alright, you've got to tell me. *waves hand like Jedi* Do it.

    Taby- Quiet you, or Link will bust you up with his Megaton Hammer!