Friday, October 15, 2010

In Transit to Africa- Day 1, The Path Ahead

Alright, here I am in Anchorage. I am waiting to talk to a contact who is taking me to dinner. Then at about 7pm I come back to the airport, and rock out towards NY. What can I do in an airport for the next hour or so? Youtube!
This was my awesome view from the plane. Original picture is on my Flickr account :]
That can come later. For now, I sip my water and await my guests! The only thing is that I am OUTSIDE security, so I cannot actually enjoy any actual shops or anything. Thats all BEYOND the security gates. If I go throuh security now, then I will not be able to go to dinner with my guests. So I wait. I'm doomed to wait. I'm going to sing the doom song!
Doom, doom doom doom, doom doom doom, doom!
Ok enough of that silliness. I'll update once again when I can, but for now I think I am going to get up and walk around to stretch these legs of mine. I'll be sitting for HOURS anyways.
Farewinds and following seas, friends! Root for me!

Ps. Check the 'Links' tab for my Flickr account. :]

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