Monday, December 23, 2013

Patterson, Bethel: Discover

     Every so often, an adult might just stumble upon themselves. Not in the clumsy sense, where they trip over their own steps, but more of a discovery type of stumble, like where you run into an old friend in the city and can't help but think 'What are the chances? Small world, huh?'. More expansively, the internal bumping into Self can occur, I believe. And, I believe, I've bumped into myself.
Sometimes we find this person whether we wanted to or not, or even meant to. Suddenly, no more is there the luxury of having our identity handed to us by those who wrote our character's role in the book we were penned into long before we knew we could choose for ourselves, write for ourselves, or even live for ourselves. Such a blessing of a malediction is a macabre sense of comfort as its arms hold tighter than we might be comfortable with. It grants a haunt of a welcome, really. Faced with this character, it's time to accept him. And build on him.

So here is a short post. Even though it's been months since my last one! 
How about an update on my Bethel life?
     I have had three main assignments since here in Bethel. First, I started as a Waiter. Then, I was transferred to the Kitchen. Now, I am in Kitchen Receiving. This means that I am pretty much the stocker for the Kitchen. Not stalker. Very different. I handle all the deliveries for the Kitchen, put it all away, organize it all, FIFO ('First in, First out' food regulations), and check quality of it all. I also handle the KDR (Kitchen/Dinning Room Dock) upstairs, where we get all of our things. If something needs sent to another complex, or we get something from them, I handle it. Mostly. This assignment has some paperwork, as well, so I have an office to assist me in taking care of that. Which is odd that I should have an office. Just saying.

     Anyway. Now It's been 6 months since I came to Bethel the second time. I have choices to make. Very large choices. It's funny how things continue to change, no matter how much they've changed already. Just when you think life couldn't be reshaped again, there it goes morphing around like a lava lamp. It's quite beautiful, a psychedelic floating waterdrop with loads of different food coloring in it. Or you know, like a lava lamp.

So anyway. I've been thinking of including video blogs. So keep that in mind, huh? Might be fun. 

As always, thanks for reading.

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