Sunday, September 22, 2013

Bethel: 1/4 of a Year

To My Readers, New and Old:
 (Mentioning the reason I blog)
    Well great. You did it now, didn't you? You're indelibly marked with the memory of me. You see, by picking this up and even passively scanning it over, you have just taken the first step of a sort of 'thousand mental mile' journey through the usually unobservable spooky attic of the mind of the writer. That's where I store all the old dusty things, like patterned coats that belong mostly to the moths. Yup. Even if you put this down now and never came back to it, I have already begun my memoritical (I may have invented that word) growth in your head. Some day in the future you might just recall that little portion you read in that one blog that one time and want to come back for more, a reminder of just how unforgotten I remain. Now that we find ourselves here, dear reader, we might as well make the best of it.

    Seriously, though. What an oddity that I should feign such creativity and fortitude so as to begin to write anything more substantial than a sticky note reminder to myself. I can guarantee you that I never had any sort of thought that contained enough depth to entertain even the most primordial of persons, thus I never ventured far from the inclosing fences of an unchallenged brain. But my brain ached with inactivity, though I didn't at the time realize it. Therefore, a consistent theme in my life was the nagging feeling like I should be doing something more creative with my brain juices, that I needed to forcibly take that first metaphorical-step in what would be an epic journey through what I previously insisted and convinced myself was charted territory, mapped and annotated. But little did I realize how fantastically limitless the recesses of the mind truly are, how untapped the possibilities remain, and how untouched such regions of thought still are left over, a tempting sea of considerations and musings that stretch farther than sunrise to sunset itself and leave far behind the understandings of even the most farsighted of men and women. Then was the moment that I discovered the curtain that divided the secluded closet of my mind that floats aimless in the ne'er sailed expanses just beyond. Upon seeing through the thin slit opening of this closed veil, curiosity burned in my heart, devouring the usual overwhelming sense of contentment. So as eventuality would have it, here I am putting letters onto pages, letters that are arranged in a specific pattern forming words to express the thoughts I wish to record in paragraphical (also a made up word) format.
   With all of this said and read, the question begs to be asked and answered: "What, then, prompted me to write?"
   Lurking behind this question is a shadowy enigma of a premise of why writing even exists in the first place. What motivates anyone to write? Why make use of a method of alphabetical representation such as writing to express the musings of the human mind? Why write but to be read, right?
Not necessarily.

But alas, this is not the blog for such things. I might write about that on 'Storytime', but let me get to answering the request I got from a reader.
After three months of Bethel service (round two), I dare say its time to unlock the cyberspace slot of my blog again. Would you like to hear what a Bethelites schedule is? Yeah? Well I'll tell you what a waiter's schedule consists of, how about that?

-5:45am Depending on how late I got to bed, I like to get up early. This allows me to shower and what not with a measure of comfort, rather than rushing. That also helps avoid a congested bathroom in the morning, as we have 5 guys in this room. From there, I usually do some light reading before I begin work.
-6:55am Work starts for waiters. As a waiter, I have to be all dressed up, checked in, and ready to rock before this. Then for my current assignment, I start seating the Bethel family at :55.
-7:00am Morning Worship starts. Since I work during it, I get what we call 'Late Breakfast' at 8:45am or so, where the cooks and waiters have their meal and watch the Morning Worship program.
-12:35pm I have my lunch break. As a waiter, we have less time. I start work again at 1:15pm on my current assignment, but we also get off at 4:20pm instead of 5pm as the most of the Family does.
-4:20pm I am off! Dinner for the Family starts at 5pm, but older ones can eat at 4pm, and the waiter crew can eat at 4:20pm.

Mondays: 6:15pm is Monday Night Watchtower Study! After that, I have Bethel Entrance School at 7:30pm. An hour later, I head home.
Thursdays: I have my meeting, which is about an hour away. That means I leave Bethel at 5:50pm or so. I usually get back around 10pm or so.
Saturday: Service! Sometimes we stay over the weekend at someone's house, and hit up Sunday Meeting.
Sunday: Meeting!
Rinse, repeat.

Now for an abrupt end, thanks for reading!



  1. I'm glad you got that out! Seemed to be cooking for a while :) Your writing style is impressive and envious. Must be a blessing and a curse, all that creative prose pent up awaiting sweet liberty...

    Thanks for taking the time to write. Gives us a peek into life on the "inside". Helps us appreciate the many forms of Kingdom service! And...reminds me that I promised many I'd update my blog...

    Saludos hermano. Keep up the good work!

    1. Oh yes, it felt fantastic. It was like a literary clog that finally cleared! And judging from your comment alone, I dare say that you have a better sense of writing. :]
      Perhaps I can catch up with your blog!

  2. I kinda skipped your first 2 paragraphs of 'mumbo-jumbo'; but enjoyed the timeline. Were you by any chance in the 'funny' waiter video a couple weeks ago?

  3. I'll have you know I'm still contemplating whether I should try to join you or not....

    1. Dude. Just do it. If I am here long enough then we would have so much fun man. Doing.

  4. First part = *mind blown*
    Second part = reassembled pieces + refreshment
    Very nice, everyone here is cheering you on. You are making Jehovah's heart rejoice everyday! がんばって!

    1. Thanks for all of the support! My humble words can express my appreciation to both readers and Jehovah.

  5. Hi Trevor. I stumbled upon your blog as it is linked to Kim Bellone, who we recently met on Bologna on holidays at the Inglese cong. Love your blog! Just had to say I found it ironic/humorous that you are a waiter in Patterson because lo and behold my little brother is a waiter at the Canada branch! His schedule is so similar to yours! Just wanted to say keep up the good work for Jehovah!! - Amy Fehr (grande prairie Canada)

  6. I checked your blog to see if there was anything new. There wasn't (hint hint) so I read this again. I should've commented a long time ago: The first part (aka: the mumbo-jumbo) is brilliant. Your writing always feels like a cerebral adventure. Delightfully complex but never superfluous. (See. I can use big words too.) Written communication is fascinating, isn't it? It's amazing to think that it's a product of Jehovah's design, not something Neanderthals thought up as an evolutionary step up from grunting. Without writing we'd have no history, no prophecy, and we certainly wouldn't know Jehovah. It's not organic like a human or a tree or an element. Yet here it is, this external tangible product of men's hands, yet still part of Jehovah's creative works! Thanks for this! You're right, I won't forget it. (Btw, paragraphical IS a word!)