Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Alaska: Life's Chapters

   Ugh. It's 5:30am right now. I know many people do it, but I don't think a human should ever be up at this hour. It simply isn't natural. (Watch that get me some hate mail) So why am I up at 5:30am? Simply put, I can't sleep. A New Chapter has begun, my dear readers. Never a vapid day in the life of Trevor. Yes. Vapid. That is my new word. Look it up. Though, I have been using it a lot as of late. Maybe too much, really. I think I am starting to kill it. Poor guy.

Allow me to give a touch of introduction.

   As many of my friends will know, I have had a bit of a difficult time as of late. "Daw, what's wrong, Trevy boy?" A lot, you condescending stinks. But really, while that doesn't sound so encouraging to admit that I've had my metaphorical butt kicked recently, I have found a measure of comfort in others being honest about their difficulties. Now, I don't dare insinuate that we should, as a brotherhood or as friends, go dumping our problems indiscriminately on each other, but a measure of honesty and truthfulness about it is refreshing! It's true, I lie to you not.  Jehovah gave us a provision of brothers and sisters, so why would we want to purposefully ignore it when we need it so badly? So anyway, the old saying 'when it rains, it pours' has proven quite true in my case. I have gotten soaked since returning from Italy. Eesh. In the heat of it all, though, many wonderful things have happened that I'll never regret. It has been a rewarding adventure in itself. I even had Wonder Woman involved, how great is that? (I bet that confused a lot of readers, meh heh heh)

   Okay, I digress. Yes, its another word I haven't used much before.

   The purpose of this post is quite clear, really. At least to my muddled mind. I will be as succinct as I can in telling you about this new Chapter. I was thinking of a number of different ways that I might be able to tell you all this news that I have, and I had some tantalizing options available to me. "Do I lead them on with a story? Maybe a touch of humor! Or perhaps I could share an example about how wonderful Jehovah is, and how he blesses our efforts?" I decided to do it this way.

   At a low point in my year, I was re-reading a 3 page letter that a friend gave to me (believe it or not, I've never actually met her in person, but I still count her as a friend...long story), but this time noticed the back side of the last page had something more written on it. I have no idea how I missed it before...anyway. It started off by saying:
"Never doubt what Jehovah can do, and that he can do it quickly."
(If you're reading this, thank you, LM. You have no idea how much you helped me!) Now that gave me some comfort. I was reminded that the trials that seemed to be piling one on top of the other were only temporary, and that Jehovah can easily provide the strength you need to endure. Who doesn't benefit from reminders?
   So there I was yesterday, feeling rather squishy. I was up on the roof ripping of shingles after service, and was trying not to get overwhelmed and sob like a wet noodle trying to remain upright. Really banking on the C.O. visit (which starts today) to super charge me again. While I'm up there, my sister comes home from the mail box, rather somber.

Ah yes. This is where I reveal what news I got. This is the moment that I can tell all my readers what has transpired, and how Jehovah has again proven to be thoroughly involved in my life. THIS is where LM was so correct in her letter to me about how quickly Jehovah can act! You see, my friends, that day, swollen eyes and quivering, sobby faced though I was, I got a letter in the mail. With a mix of excitement and worry in her voice, my sister looked at me and said:

"Trevor...you have mail. From Watchtower."

Ready? I can wait if you want. Okay, I will wait. Take 5.
...Better? Okay, here we go.

I have been accepted to Patterson Bethel, NY for one year. 

I'll leave it here for now. I have one month to prepare, as I leave June 27th. Expect a few posts before then. Until then, please continue to pray to Jehovah at all times, good or bad. May all Glory and Honor be given to Him.

Thanks for reading. :]


  1. OMMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Congratumalations a THOUSAND TIMES! Man, All I can say right now is, man. Jehovah always comes back with FULL force when Satan tries, as he thinks to get us away from Jehovah. But, It's like Jehovah's there saying " Please, Satan, Is that all you've got??". Every single time when we feel we're at our last rope, Jehovah's like, " No,no now, hang in there". It's totally worth it when we do as you can see! Congrats! And MAN, I totally wish you could be out tour guide when we come to New York in June to visit Bethel, Patterson is the only one we don't have a tour guide for!!!!!! But, You won't be there that day! Sniff, Sniff.

    Yours Truly,
    India!! :D

    P.S: I just got accepted as a Regular Pioneer, and I'm 17 and still in High School, I'm soooo looking forward to starting the NEW chapter in my life and of course I'm opening that door to many other ones!

    P.S.S: THANK's for your AWESOME example, It's soooo awesome to be in Jehovah's organization with friends that can truly encourage us! I LOOOOVE IT!

  2. So happy for you!!

    "The thing desired is a tree of life when it does come."-Pr. 13:12

    Just remember to please update more than once in 3 months... :)

  3. This post is very timely, thank you. Although my problems are well deserved and I don't know how life will turn out, it is a comforting reminder that everyone is struggling that's why it's a fight, but that although we don't fully understand why things happen the way that they do, as job, we don't see everything that's happening and what's to come. Thanks again! I needed this reminder, and thank you LM.

  4. We're proud of you for trusting in Jah to the point of applying again. And now you had the answer you were looking for...

    We hope to have our soon.

    Stay in touch.

  5. Trevor, we are very proud of you and happy for your new assignment. I hope you'll have enough time to keep us informed of how things are going for you at Patterson! Best Wishes from Deborah and Michael in Florida :-)--I'm going to be watching for Flickr photos of your new adventure.