Tuesday, January 17, 2012

In Transit to Italy

(Jan 17th, 2012) Still on the plane. Eesh. This is going to be a long one. A. Long. One. Do me a favor, alright? Yes, I know you might believe that its stupid, and that you might not actually want to do me a favor, but the shoe fits, okay? And that makes you my metaphorical Cinderella. I mean, let's look at it this way.
You like me, otherwise you wouldn't be reading my blog. Right.
I like you because you're reading my blog. Right.
Journeying is just as important as the destination. Right.
The way I see it is since we both like each other then we might as well share an adventure together, huh? Whatever suits your palate. Seriously, you have the floor. The world is open for you to share whatever adventure stories that you'd like. Flops, failures, conquers, etc etc, carry the four. Alright times up, put the rest of it in the comments. :]
Why? Because now it's my turn! Why is it my turn? Because I'm on a 10 hour flight. That's why.
And I have nothing but time on my hands. Seriously, it's on my hands...I've tried so hard to wash it off, but it just wont come off... Alright, can you tell now? What can I say? I've tried everything. Chatting with the sleeping guy next to me, writing on the walls, hackysack in the seats, everything.  I already studied and did my bible reading. So its time to blog.

 You know what is amazingly awesome? I have my own row on my longest flight. That makes it great. Sure, it is only two seats, but I now own the freedom to do whatever I please with these two seats! Not only that, but this is the first time I've seen outlets in an airplane! Now I can charge my netbook and ipod. Very helpful indeed. Also, as it is a long distance flight, I have that cool little remote that lets me do movies, games, and the coolest part is the ability to track the plane I'm on! I love that ability!
Ooh! The Captain says I'll be landing in Amsterdam early!
"So uuuuh, it seems like we uuuuh, will be arruuuuhiving a bit early in uuuuh amsterdam. And uuuuh...we're uuuuh...thanks for flying with us uuuuh....flight attendants prepare for meals."
Alright, food is coming, and that comes before blogging, let's be honest here.
  • -Insert TimeSkip Here-
Turns out it wasn't the food cart, it was the drink cart. Free wine and beer, but at noon? Is that sort of odd? Whatever, I'll have my coke.
*Browsing movies*
R...R...R...R...Pg13...R...G but stupid...CF(Chick Flick)...R...Well, I guess chick flick it is. Gerhard, why did you have to die?!

  • -Insert Another TimeSkip Here-

Woot, I made it to Amsterdam! Finally, there is only one more step before I make it to Bologna! Here's hoping that everything goes well!



  1. Bippity Boppity Boo **Your plane is now a pumpkin**
    Oh, wait. That's not how it goes. Lets see... an adventure story. Well, nothing as amazing as Africa or Amsterdam. But a couple of years ago I went to Nebraska for unassigned territory. I've done a lot and seen a lot, but this trip surprisingly made me a bit nervous. For the first time I didn't have any kind of partner. I mean, I was going with a group of brothers and sisters. But I didn't know most of them. It took three days' drive to arrive there. The first day I was in 'the awesome car' (as we dubbed it). Even though we didn't all know each other we all 'clicked' and ten minutes into the drive we were all laughing and having a great time. We arrived in Santa Fe, NM on our first night. Even though they didn't know us, a local congregation had made arrangements to provide us with a meal and places to stay. (How amazing is that?!) Now, as I said, on this trip I didn't have a partner, and I'm just the type that does better with an ally. As they were placing people where they would spend the night, my name was called. All alone. I was to stay by myself at a brother and sister's home. The 20 other friends in the group were partnered up, but not me. But I put on my big girl pants and soldiered on. As we wound our way through the rolling hills and beautiful vistas of Santa Fe, I have to admit, I was unreasonably nervous. I prayed the whole way. Right as the sun set, we pulled up to this palatial home. I mean, mansion-esque. I was then shown to my 'suite'. A gorgeous sprawling bedroom with en-suite luxury bathroom. Now, normally this sort of thing is not a big deal to me. But just this once, I have to admit it was quite a treat. I think I wrote in my journal that night something to the effect, "I feel like I've been given a little 'treat'. Like Jehovah is saying, 'Don't you worry about it. I'm here to take care of you'." (The flip side of the story is that my phone went dead. I didn't have a charger with me and there was no clock in the room. So I woke up every 15 minutes all night long to check the microwave clock in the kitchen to see if it was time to get up yet so I wouldn't miss my ride. But that's a whole other story.)

  2. (.... and, continued. Hey you wanted to kill time, right?) The second day, I was not in 'the awesome car'. I ended up with sister who wanted to sing Kingdom songs. All. Ten. Hours. Now, I love Kingdom Songs. But by jangles, those sisters were trying to get me to hate them by the end of the day. But I endured. And I still love Kingdom songs. That night, our lodging was north of Denver, Co, and this time I did get partnered up with two other sisters. What a contrast to the previous night! We stayed in a very simple mobile home with a dear older single sister. When we came in the home we did the math real quick. There was only one guest room for three of us. How would this work? The sister explained it was all arranged. She had made up a bed on her enclosed porch. We were to have the guest room and her room. Now, this wasn't a porch converted to a room. It was truly a porch with a few walls. And it was going to be COLD that night! No matter how much we protested, or how much I volunteered to sleep on the floor, she wouldn't have it. We had an amazing evening of heartfelt spiritual conversation with this sister. As we sat down to the meal, our hostess said the prayer. To this day I am convinced it was one of the most beautiful touching prayers I have ever heard. By the time we said 'Amen' we all had tears in our eyes. The meal was simple and humble, but one of the most memorable of my life because of the love at that table. We shared stories of how we came into the truth (or how we made it our own) and this led to some of the most amazing expressions of faith and endurance. What a blessing that sister was. I learned a whole new facet of hospitality. She gave us, total strangers, a little bit of her heart that night. And as a snuggled in to my little bed, it started raining. And I heard a sound I hadn't heard since my family lived in our own little humble mobile home... the sound of rain on a metal roof. I had to smile. It wasn't a palatial suite (with no clock), but it was 'home'.
    The next day we arrived at our destination... ready for our assignment. That came with a whole mess more of 'adventure', but this is turning into a book, not a comment. So I shall quit there. Hopefully that was worth the five minutes this story ate up. (Writing on the walls? Seriously? Write something spiritual so you can count your time. Ha!)

  3. Ok so a traveling story... You know most of mine I'm pretty sure. Like the time I fell down the stadium stairs. Embarrassing, painful, not something I reckomend doing, but still very memorable. Then there's the time I got on the wrong train and ended up in about three different countries I wasn't supposed to be in. Lol that was a lot of fun. note to Trevor "Don't follow the crowd! Especially when they don't speak English."
    But the scariest was in Zurich. I was traveling with an old roommate of mine. She is one of those 'happy' people. Amazingly 'happy', I love her to death and is a dear friend, but in my opinion she trusts way too many people. We had just got off a 13 hour train ride, or something like that. We hadn't eaten really anything and running very short on funds. We arrived at midnight in Zurich and found out that the airport didn't open till 5am! First of all what kind of airport closes?? And second what in the world were we going to do for the next five hours.
    As we were discussing our predicament we noticed we weren't in the best situation for two single ladies in a strange city. And we defiantly weren't alone. We really just wanted some sleep and something other than nuts to eat. Everything at the train station had a weird smell or some Nasty gue on it soooo staying there was out. And a cab ride was a little pricy. What to do? what to do? Not going to the pub with the odd looking, foul-smelling, English guy would've been a much better idea than actually going. For some reason my friend thought it would prove to be a fun end to our trip... BAD IDEA! I couldn't believe my eyes as I saw her following him. To this day I don't know how she talked me into it. So I followed after like a stupid sleep deprived girl. He kept saying, 'it's just around the corner', 'just a little further. It's around here somewhere'. I prayed the entire time 'PLEASE JEHOVAH FORGIVE US FOR OUR STUPIDITY!' I just wanted to make it home safe and alive. Thankfully we just ended up walking all over Zurich In the wee hours of the morning. (there is a lot to this story I'm leaving out due to... Well let's just leave it at that). After a miserable night of train rides and walking he insisted on buying us a drink, but there was NO WAY I was going to let my judgement be impaired any more than it already had. So I had a stiff drink of OJ :) nothing had tasted so sweet in my life. I could see the train station from where I was sitting. Finally a feeling of relief was coming. I knew if I had to grab my friend and run we could and home was just a few hours away. Thankfully Jehovah heard my cries for pertection and nothing horrible happend. Except a huge learning experience I never wanted to have.
    Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! My friend felt horrible for what happened and paid the outrageous cab fare to the airport. We actually laughed about later, more like nervous laughter, realizing if our dads ever found they would never let us go anywhere alone again. Lol so here I am telling the world on your blog. :)

  4. What can I see at the right bottom corner of that screen? We were very clos to my homwtown and didn't even pass by! :-)