Tuesday, January 17, 2012

In Transit to Italy- Here We Go

A Cold Wind Blows...
No, seriously, it was cold today. -20f is COLD.
Alright, my next journey has started anew. Mom was wonderful enough to get up at the CRACK of dawn, alone with my sister. They brought me to the airport at 4am. That, friends, is an hour that God never intended for us to be awake at.
So I'm in Anchorage airport again, waiting for my flight to take off. From Anchorage, it goes to Seattle. Then, from there to Amsterdam, Netherlands. Cool, right? Right. Don't even pretend like it isn't totally awesome.
Sorry to say, but I don't have any pictures yet. There really isn't anything to take a picture of. Unless you have never seen an airport before, in which case you need to get out more. Oh the glory of airports...$5 waterbottles and cheap fastfood everywhere you look. Honestly, I love airports, and I've spent a decent amount of time in them. Is this off track?? 

Alright, almost time to board! Farewell until Seattle, friends! Thank you for reading!



  1. Hello! I came across your blog and it is very inspiring! I might have missed it, but what led you to the decision to serve in Italy? Is there really a need there? I am curious because, although I am happy in my assignment here in the DR, in the future I have always dreamed of moving to Italy. Any info I would appreciate! Thanks for the encouraging blog!

    1. Why hello, my wonderful readers. What a strange choice to read this blog, but hey, its your poison, right?
      Anyway, down to business.
      While I was in Africa, my old Bethel buddy and I were trying to decide on another place that we might put ourselves at to be of what use we might...be of use at...(did that make sense?)
      Anyway, long story short, we eventually landed on Italy. Bologna, to be specific. The reason? Well my old Bethel buddy had written the branch office, and had been once before, so upon his return, he invited me to go with him.
      That said, if you're interested in serving there, then Jehovah might just follow through with your players, as there is a HUGE need there for those who speak English. With the War in Libya and such, there are many refugees that have been sent to Italy. Many ENGLISH speaking ones. Many in Africa have such high esteem for the scriptures that they make wonderful people to talk to, and a ministry worth writing a blog about!
      My suggestion? Write the branch office in Italy through your service committee and ask them where they might suggest you go. Give them plenty of information about yourself, your standing in the congregation, your limitations or whatnot, and so on and so forth. They can certainly be of a great help to you there.

      I hope that helps you out some. Please feel free to ask anything more, I have no fear answering and providing whatever help I may!

      Ps. I was in DR for two months as a younger lad. I much enjoyed it, I must say. :]