Friday, December 2, 2011

Alaska- Learn From My Fail

To fill in sometime before I get to Italy here is a little taste of a Reader Favorite, Learn From My Fail. Ah yes, Learn From My Fail. How wonderful it is, indeed. This is a special post, though! Why is that?
It is a Two-Part series! Let's get the ball rolling with a few of my own fails, alright? Then let's keep our little carnival alive with some of your own Fails. Ever do something stupid enough to be noteworthy? Drop it off in the comment box for all to share. :]

Here are some Trevor Fails, both in and out of Africa.
  • If you were too lazy to go shopping-no matter how hungry you are-looking in the fridge yet again will never yield different results. None, that is, that will be beneficial to you at all.You will get desperate, you will eat things you'd never consider combining before. Gagging will ensue. LFMF

  • If you've spent 6 months in Africa and you think you are still acclimated to the cold, you're not. It will snow heavily on the first day you're home. You will look and feel like a little sissy. LFMF

  • Guys, no matter how manly you think you are and no matter how 'nerdy' you think 'Doctor Who' is, never think you can watch the creepy statue episode alone in the dark in Africa. You will learn what a little girl you are, and you will never look at the Doctor the same way again. Or statues. Even though you never ended up watching the whole episode. LFMF

  • When watching the creepy statue episode of 'Doctor Who' alone in Africa at night time, know the kat's (I know) location at all times. LFMF

  • Never let your internal thoughts to yourself to become external expressions.  LFMF

  • Remember how you couldn't navigate the house in the dark in Africa? You are now home, the same home where you were raised for nearly 24 years. You still cannot navigate the house in the dark. Your face will impact the wall again.

  • When sledding with a group of friends and your little brother sleds down a hill and into the trees, never try to look cool and 'show him how its done'. You will go into the same trees, but much faster. LFMF

  • When you're in a foul mood, playing a very difficult game is not therapeutic. It will not help you calm down, it will not make you feel better, and it is not a good release for your anger. There will be tears of pure frustration. LFMF
Alright, enough about me. Share away on your own Fails! Don't be shy, we all know you've done some stupid things in your life. Thank Jehovah that he gave us a sense of humor, right? "He who laughs at himself will never cease to be amused."



  1. With the exception of the fifth comment, I laughed so hard I think I cried when reading them. But I can't be sure because I think I passed out from lack of oxygen at that point. I will have to take a little while to think on epic fails of mine.

  2. Never just smile and nod when an elderly person is speaking to you in a different language and you have no idea what they're saying. They could be telling you someone is sick, has died, or arranging for you to pick them up the next day. -LFMF

  3. Alright, hoenstly, you only spent 4 mins deciding on a fail to share.
    Whoosh! If that is a true to life fail, consider me to have learned from your fail! Poor elderly people...

  4. Haha! These were some good ones! Speaking of funky desperate flavor combinations, here's a few from my days of trying to teach myself to cook...
    I don't recommend vanilla mint pudding (vanilla + chocolate= good! chocolate + mint= good! vanilla + mint= GAG)It seemed like a good idea at the time...

    Also, when making el pollo chili verde (green chili chicken) make sure when you are thickening the sauce with flour, that it actually IS flour and not powdered sugar. When you realize it's powdered sugar, don't try to salvage by adding a boat load of salt, and then quietly feed to your family... gag!

    But that was a while ago. My latest fail takes them all...
    When you insist that some recent and revised point of theocratic direction is in writing, make sure it actually IS in writing before going against your instincts and opening your mouth. Otherwise, you will get an entire service group of sisters to do something with the intention of later finding your 'reference'. Then when failing to find said reference, you realize with dawning horror that maybe, upon further reflection, it was the opinion of a C.O. at your last pioneer meeting. This will then result in the mortifying and humbling task of personally and privately apologizing to each sister in the group and correcting your mistake. Followed by an honest confession to the service overseer, in case any questions come his way. It's all good now, but PLEASE... LFMF!

  5. Ok... First of all, I love the background and the new style.
    Second, I told you not to watch that episode on your own.
    Third, I totally agree regarding not being able to look at statues in the same way after watching that episode (Don't blink...whatever you do, don't blink...blink and you're dead).
    Fourth...hhmm let me think... LFMF? Never get too close to a friend or you'll end up hurt one way or another...

  6. (Sarah)
    Never watch the library episode by yourself with the lights off!!!! (count the shadows , stay out of the shadows!!)
    Man , as much as I like the prospect of the Doctor saving me this episode leaves you wanting Mama!!!
    Trevor whenever your about to watch Doctor Who ask me if that episode is scary, I mean is really more MY forte!!
    Season two episode one is super funny!!!
    Overall I don't EVER want you to change because I love laughing at your foibles !!! Love ya - your lil sis.