Thursday, December 9, 2010

Africa- It Made My Day

Ok, gather 'round. Sit in a big circle and get ready, because today I'm going to share different things that make up my Africa experience! Got your mug of hot cocoa?  Ok, lets get this show on the road, its time for "It Made My Day" story time!

I was making my way around town one day
Strange looks abounded, more than the usual due to my white skin. I played it cool, though, trying not to attract more attention than I already had. I finished up in the supermarket and got another bodaboda (motorbike taxi, try and keep up) back home. When I got there, I decided that I had to pee. ("I've decided!") So, upon getting to the bathroom, I saw a mirror. At that moment, that decisive and eye opening moment, I realized why I was getting more than the usual attention from people in town. 
I had bodaboda hair. It made my day.  

For the first few weeks I was here, 
everyone was telling me to watch out for Lorry.
"Don't take picture! I have you arrested!"
"Lorry is big!"
"Lorry will hit you!"
"Lorry is very dangerous!"
What was Lorry's problem!? Why was she so mean? Why would she hit people? Is she really that big? How will I know who Lorry is, and what should I do to avoid her?
Finally, after a few weeks of worries and wonders, I finally found out who Lorry is.

Lorry means big truck...
It made my day.

(Side story, sometimes people do not like their pictures taken. The man pointing here started yelling at me saying "I will have you arrested!" When I asked the brother what he meant, the brother said not to worry about it, that some of the Ugandans just act that way. So I'll keep taking pictures, haha)

I was waiting for someone. 
So in the meantime, I sat and watched the ants carry off their prey. Hundreds of them swarming anything that might be taken as food. Then, one of them tripped.
I saw an ant trip. 

It made my day.

A particularly bad day was upon me.
I was tired, super hungry, and very irritable. The locals in town kept saying and doing things that were climbing up and down my irritation strings. I sulked into the local supermarket and looked into the cooler thingies. There, amongst the strange juices and brands that I'd never seen before coming to Africa (and was honestly sick of seeing), shined a beacon of hope, lightening up my soul and giving way to forgiveness and love. Suddenly the bleak clouds of blackness that loomed over my disposition cleared, giving way to life and growth. Yes, in its silver, blue, and red glory, there it sat. The Hope, the Life, the Beacon. Red Bull.
It made my day.

While working in the field, 
we were approached by an older woman who obviously had some mental disabilities. She began talking to me and gesturing in crazy movements. I tried my best to inform her that I didn't speak Rutoro, but I don't think it penetrated the depths of her mind. (seriously, she didn't get it) She continued as enthusiastic (and irritating) as always. I decided that something more was needed.(No, not violence, though that might have worked) I started talking in Japanese.
When I finished my first reply in Japanese, she laughed and said "Yes!". Since coming to Africa, I've learned to be much more "watever" about things that happen. Just go with it.
So, I continued in Japanese. She laughed again and patted me on the shoulder. She was getting something from what I was saying. I started laughing and going along with it, and she kept laughing and adding to our now wonderful conversation. Then she started to make gestures like she was writing. So I asked her if she meant that she wanted me to write her a book. (total guess) "yes yes!" she replied. "With a banana cover?" I asked. "Yes!" She happily said. As she continued with the description of her book she wanted, I played along in Japanese. Finally it culminated to her complete pleasure and satisfaction with the conversation, waving goodbye to me, and walking away with a smile from ear to ear.
I had a conversation with a crazy lady that included 3 languages and that neither of us knew what was said. It made my day.

It was late, about 10:00 pm.  
Black as pitch, silent as death. Alone, once again. Suddenly came a noise from outside.
"Nanyate?" (What in the world, Japanese)
"..." It was time to check this out.
I grabbed the keys, put on some motivational bravery music, then turned it off because I couldn't hear what the noi--Merrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaawr-
There it was again. I better hurry. I put on my shoes and clicked on the light for outside. As I walked out of the front door, I felt suddenly exposed. It was too late now, though. I was committed and the noise could not be ignored. Building what courage I had left, I set out.
I headed out. Looking for a weapon, all I saw was a grass cutter. (a long blade bent at the tip) I decided to trust Jehovah more than the grass cutter. In hand was my ipod as a light source, (it was surprisingly bright) and a fierce determination to prevail against the unseen evil.
I made my way down the long walkway, finally reaching the gate. The noise was loud now, and more frequent. My senses screamed to turn and walk back, but I ignored reason and continued.
I took a deep breath. I was inches away from it now, just on the other side of the gate.
Loud as ever...Bring it on.
I threw open the large gate and stood fierce and strong in the gateway, waiting for death to descend upon me, thrusting us into an epic battle of good and evil. My ipod shining bright in my hand as a ward against evil, I confronted the wicked and foul hatred that I was sure was ready to devour me.
There in the light of my ipod, stood the source.
Soda, the Panduros cat.
He was facing another cat, and he refused to allow it to get any closer. Upon seeing me, the other cat took off. Soda was protecting what he knew to be his home. Good job, buddy.
It made my day. :]


  1. 本当にすごい! this post made my day! *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*

  2. I am ashamed to admit I am a total latecomer to the blog, but since I first signed on 3 nights ago I have certainly become addicted. (Not to say I have totally caught up, or anything. There is a lot to read and more photos to enjoy. I'm leaving some for ensuing nights.) I cannot help but hear the words of some past literature teacher: something to the effect that "you have a strong voice." What delightful reading you supply, my friend. I'm so glad to join. Love you and am exceedingly proud of you!!!! Cindy

  3. Cindy, its great to hear from you! Don't feel bad about coming late to the blog, its not worth the worry, honest. :]
    Are you sure you reading the same blog I'm writing? Haha, but still I'm glad you like it, and I hope I don't bore you out of your mind!
    Love you too Cindy, and I miss all my moms. Tell them hi for me? Emails only do so much. /:]

  4. Trevor 'You Have A Tan!!!!'
    We Alaskans are Jealous!
    Keep up the good work and the Blogging!
    So glad you are enjoying your youth to the best of your ability. Jehovah is so very proud of you, and so are we :) Sheila