Monday, December 13, 2010

Africa- I'm Getting Better!

Random picture time! Me and some friends from the Hall :]
Do me a favor, ok? Imagine with me. Start with closing your eyes.
Wait, stop! NO!
*thinks to self* (Darn it. What do I do now? How do I get them to open their eyes? I guess that wasn't the best idea to have them close their eyes when they need to read this. Why am I talking to myself?
They're looking!
) HEY! Look!
Ok, now that I have your attention, imagine with me. Don't close your eyes.
Imagine that you come from a place very different from Africa. (pretty much anywhere else in the world) Now imagine that you have a very hard time here, because its so filled with different things, and you're separated from everything and everyone you know and love. Now add the people to the recipe, people you have a hard time understanding because of the way that they think, can't relate very well to them, and don't know how to talk like them, to where even English seems like a different language. Confused? Scared? Worried? Well, snap out of it! *slaps you*
Getting used to what is normal here can be hard.
Even when you feel like you're about to choke, and your heart is on its last beat, Jehovah grabs you and cradles you, giving you sense, meaning, and direction. Why does he let you get that far before helping you? If you've never gotten sick, then you'll never appreciate what it is like to recover. Make sense? If not, then you're thinking too much. Try to feel what I'm saying, not think it. People think too much. (That sounds much worse out loud than it does in my head) I said it to some of my friends that you could think yourself to DEATH and still not get anywhere. Action is just as important as thought. Sometimes it's ok to try something crazy and reckless.
Nope, not Fred. I still have no idea who this guy is.

For the record, service is one of the ways that Jehovah makes you feel better over here. :] Alright, its experience time. *crooked grin* Ready?

First, lets start with Fred. Yes, Fred was a wonderful call. If you look at the picture to the right, then you won't see Fred. Sorry, I don't have a Fred picture. Anyway, he was about a 5 min walk from the Kingdom Hall, very close. When I approached, it almost felt like a door back in America. What I mean is that the people seemed to be standoffish and uncomfortable. There was three of them, and the vibes were strong. But, nevertheless I figured I'd try and see what would happen. After introducing muhself, I shared the 'Lonliness' Awake. (we are super far behind because it takes so long to get our mags here) Then, instead of ending it like my head told me to, I randomly asked him: "So. Now that you have that, do you know what God's name is?" Totally unrelated, I know.
"Lord?" He said.
"WRONG!" I yelled. Not really, that's just what I wanted to say. I actually asked "Do you know what the bible says?" Nope, he didn't. I had him read Psalms 83:18. Then he wanted to know what 'Jehovah' meant, so I turned to Exodus 3:14, 15. I had him read that. He was very happy with that.
Then he randomly changed subjects to this.
"My friends told me that God causes bad things to people to test them, like Job. What do you people say?"
"What does the Bible say?" I asked. After hesitating, he said he was unsure. So I took him to the account of Job where Satan walked into the assembly of angels, challenged Jehovah, and called humans into question. From there, we saw how Satan was given allowance to test Job.
"Who tested Job: Jehovah, or Satan?"
"Satan?" He asked.
"Good. Now, look at this." I said. I took him to James...oh boy I forgot the scripture. Where's my bible? At the house...poo. Ok, I think its James 1:...13? Something close. Wait, maybe 15. Anyway, about how Jehovah can not be charged with evil things. (I just know I'm going to post this and THEN remember)
"So is it possible for Jehovah to cause bad things to us to tempt us?" I asked him.
"No!" He replied. He got it.
(Ok, I'm getting hungry. Time for the shortened version!)
After a little bit more, Fred wanted to know where/how our organization started. He wanted to know where we came up with 'Witnesses' as well. We told him that as Jehovah's people, we've been around for thousands of years, basically since Abel. (Not Adam, as he wasn't faithful, remember? Gosh, guys, keep up) So then we summed up how the organization started in modern times. (He wanted a copy of the Proclaimers book haha! I said no.)
After we cleared that up for him, we asked why he asked.
"My friends tell me that you're a cult."
SO then we talked about what a cult really was. Then at the end of it, we asked him what HE thought after hearing what he told him from the Bible.
He thought for a moment. "," he laughed, "I don't think so!"
"Now go to your friends and tell them what we told you from the Bible, and see what they think." So he said he wanted to talk to them again, and we set up a bible study with him for next Saturday. (saaaah turd ay, right Jenna?)That was the first call. Let me say that again. That was the FIRST call. /:]

*whew* Ok, that's about it for now. :] I'll leave some more service experiences soon, ok? Vote on the poll on the right side to suggest some things you'd like to hear. Or drop me a comment, and I'll do my best to fulfill your request. :]
Until next time, Reach out for those New Skylines!
T-to the Revor, Barrett (Yeah, sorry about that. I regret doing that already, even though I could just spam the 'backspace' button and you'd never know I did it to begin with, but that is no fun. :] )


  1. That stinks that the mags are far behind there because there just happens to be a Feb mag out called the truth about the occult. Oh well.

  2. Trevor, I think you should video the little kids calling you muzunga,(you know, that word for white dude) that way we get the full affect!!~Mom Kasper

  3. That was a great experience! It can be difficult at times, but don't you find that the joy from the ministry and seeing their faces light up with joy as they learn the truth outweighs the challenges. Philippians 4:7 ね? 1 Corinthians 9:24,26,27 You doing just that! 頑張って! You're making Jehovah's heart rejoice!

  4. These experiences are the reason why, although difficult to adapt, we strive to make Africa our own home.... And Jehovah sees that and he gives us the strength to persevere! Keep up with the good work Trevor...

  5. Glad its getting better!!! In that picture with you and tim walker or the non Fred guy........the two brothers in the back were talk in about you I think......he was either saying "thays the Muzungu," or I'm gunn a call the police for taking my picture!! Lol. Jah bless t to the Revor!!! Haha

  6. Trevor first of all I have to agree with zech about the people talking about you. Oh and not to call you out on that picture but your hand looks kinda huge I don't know maybe I am just thinking about it too much. I also feel I must comment on the first picture. I wish I could put what everyone was thinking about there head. I am sure they would have some thought of Muzungu and did you notice that the kid with a star on his shirt (future super hero I'm sure) looks like he just took your wallet. What is in his hand. Then there is you with a big smile thinking... this is great to be here... I am soooo happppy... how long does it take to take a picture... seriously i have been smiling for like two minutes now... then you look at the picture and think... maybe I should retake it... uhhhhh... no this will have to do. I am mostly kidding you look like you are having fun and doing great. Knowing you I bet you fit in more than you think.