Monday, October 25, 2010

In Transit to Africa- Wednesday, Day 5-The Brightened Road

Today was a day of service. I went for a longer day, until about 3pm. Kim forgot her keys (Because I KNOW how you’re going to feel when I share this, Kim!) on her counter, so our lunch was locked in the car. I was SO hungry! I couldn’t stand it! It made me so angry, that I don’t know how I didn’t just bust someone’s face in!!!
Just kidding, Kim. Chill. It was nothing at all, and the least of my concerns. Anyway. Here is sort of a story that may enlighten you.

For a while now, I have been wondering what world I am supposed to do AFTER Uganda. Perhaps I should consider going back. Perhaps I should reapply for Bethel. I don’t know. So I have been making it a matter of very serious prayer. Jehovah, what do I do with the life I have, and the youth and relative health I have? So I’ve been quite worried about it. While I was in service today, Kim was talking to Stephanie, and I went to the door with a certain brother who had been in Bethel for a while AND who continues to commute there every 6 months. While at the door, he completely randomly asks me if I have ever thought about Ministerial Training School (MTS) ((Now known as Bible School for Single Brothers, BSSB)) (((I’m going to call it MTS for this post)))
Well, truth be told, I have mentally put that out of my options, just because it is not what I wanted to do. Nevertheless, Jehovah has proven me wrong many times. For instance, I never, never wanted to go to Bethel, but one day a C.O. asked me a question about it. As soon as he asked, I just knew that it was sealed, and that I was going to sign up. So BOOM. As soon as this brother asked me about MTS I had this deep, unavoidable feeling that I was going to be applying for MTS sometime in the future. For Jehovah to answer my prayer like this is very typical, because I had never thought that I would be going to try for MTS. But somehow, like with Bethel, I just knew. It was sealed that I was now going to at least apply and see what Jehovah will do. It is amazing how Jehovah completely changes my mind with a simple question from a brother.
So to that Brother who talked to me, (If you’re reading this) Thank you. I honestly believe that Jehovah has used you to answer my prayers, and now I have more of a direction than I did since Bethel. It is at least a path to aim for, and come what may, I’m certain that Jehovah is going to find a suitable way for me to follow it. Whether or not I end up in MTS, well that’s another story. At least now I know what direction to look.
Besides, I was aiming for Gilead, but Jehovah doesn’t seem to be directing me to that. There is a HUGE step between now and Gilead anyway, that being marriage to a girl who has got the Gilead stuff, and marriage in its self is a responsibility that I want, but am desperately not ready for.


  1. It's such a joy to learn about jehovahs plan for each person.. The best is to test him and see what he wants for one.. Probably this is a very good sign from his side!! And MTS is really a wonderful goal! Whether you get in or not, this will show that you allow Jehovah to show you the way so he then later on can bless you with even more responsibility. Matthew 25:21

  2. Isn't it exciting to think that the Uganda trip is like the work the gilead members are trained for! No matter what happens, if you KEEP making yourself available to Jehovah, he will surely use you to the full. You're setting a fine example for your peers (including me!), keep up the good work! MTS is a wonderful opportunity for many capable young brothers. It's surely worth a shot!

  3. We have had the privilege of housing MTS students for 3 of the past 4 years (for those attending school at the Plant City Assembly Hall in Florida), maybe we will have you one day :-)

  4. Amanda, Jehovah doesn't force anyone, but I agree it is amazing to see how he works with them and guides them! It seems best to let him direct things, doesn't it?

    Nautica, Silly little Artic Shrew, I've done only what I was given! Ima good for nothing slave, yay!

    Dsc, Hey, maybe! That'd be great! (though I still dont know you...stranger danger!)