Monday, October 25, 2010

In Transit to Africa- Saturday, Day 8-The British Museum

Today, John said that he’ll see me later in the evening. I was confused, so I asked him what he wanted me to do. That lead to his utter and complete confusion, and he didn’t seem to know how to answer. At that moment, at that pivotal moment, I realized something…Today is mine! HAHAHAHA! I have to get used to the idea of having the day, nay, my LIFE to myself! I’m used to having responsibilities and children to watch, but not anymore! Today is Trevor day! Tomorrow, Trevor Day!
Ok ok ok. Time to slow down. Its true that I don’t have family responsibilities to deal with, but I have taken on many more with Africa. I now have to think and act for myself much more than I am used to. I’m used to just leaving service and heading straight home to help watch kids or whatever. So now it’s a totally different life style. Jehovah be with me…
For the first step of Trevor day, I walked out of the house I’m staying at and moved through towards the heart of London. I had to take buses, undergrounds (subways), and walkways to get to my ultimate destination, the British Museum. Things went surprisingly smooth! It was a great experience to see myself figure out the undergrounds and paths to take, and reply on my own sense of direction to get there. Only once did I hop on the wrong-direction underground (remember, that means subway), but I just got off at the next stop and jumped on the other one, proceeding to go TWO stops the other direction, finally bringing me to where I ACTUALLY wanted to go. When I reached the street, I looked at a map thing, and the Museum was just around the corner.
Let me tell you, wow. It was amazing, and like nothing I’ve ever seen. It was spectacular and super awesome. I’ve always been mildly interested in Museums, but I was blown away with this one. The moment you step in, its all white inside this HUGE building. Its naturally lighted in the main area. The top is all glass, and the middle of the room is a gigantic pillar with stairs going up and around it, leading to the top that is a restaurant. They have areas dedicated to everywhere you can imagine! Well, sort of. The main areas. Africa, Egypt, Japan, China, Americas, Korea, all over the place! So I high tailed it to the Japan section and waited for a free tour of it. The moment you step into the Japan room there is a sudden shift in mood and feel, very quiet and serene and contemplative. Very different from the main part of the Museum. It was amazing to see how the Museum did this with each room, and how each room had its own theme and was able to make you FEEL the theme rather than just see it.
Anyway, in the Japan room, there was a little girl with a painting she had done to replicate ‘The Great Wave’ from a famous Japanese painter, and she got to see the original in the Museum! She was so excited, and honestly, so was I. I was running around squee-ing at everything up there. In the center, they had a set of Samurai Armor, complete with the Sword ornamentally displayed. So after a moment, I regained consciousness and plastered my face to the glass. When a worker saw my licking the display, they decided it was too far and came and peeled me off of it. That’s ok, though. I left a little bit of the layers of my eyes and face on the glass so I can still sort of see it until they clean it.

So yeah. I’m running out of battery, so I’ll have to come back to finish this post later. :]


  1. Oh I would love to visit the british museum, but my dream is to go on one of those bible tours they have each saturday, I've heard they are great! It's brothers and sisters that organizes theese :)

  2. Both are amazing! I love, love, love it the Museum and the tour I got, and I would recommend it any day!

  3. I could spend weeks in the British Museum--when we were there many years ago, we were strolling through and saw a man with a NWT under his arm leading a tour of several people. Naturally we went right over--it was a pioneer brother giving a Bible history tour to his Bible students--we invited ourselves along and had a great time!

  4. Good to know about the Bible tours ... going on the to-do list now.