Monday, October 25, 2010

In Transit to Africa- Friday, Day 7-London, the Behemoth

Ah, London. Welcome to a city with history and culture. What a wonderful city. At the same time, holy Snapple it’s a HUGE city. I mean, NY goes up a lot, whereas London seems to go OUT. Anypoo. I’m staying with John and Agnetta, and they are LOADS of fun. Very kind and loving, and very zealous for Africa and other countries. John has served in Bethel and he is a MTS grad, (BSSB) and he spent time in Congo for the ministry. He had amazing adventures there…I can hardly imagine it. Anyway, he and his wife have been all over this planet, and he is only 33. That is a wonderful thing to be able to say. Oh, and also, I love their accents!
Today we did half service, half sightseeing in London. I’ll include what photos I can.
I saw:
Big Ben! (Did you know it’s a parliament building?)
London Bridge! (Its not falling down)
Tower Bridge! (The Americans tried to buy this bridge, but pointed to the wrong one on the map and instead got London Bridge, one that doesn’t look special at all)
Borough Marker! (Famous Market place)
Greenwich! (Pronounced Grehnich) ((Also the place where they were filming the next ‘Pirates’ film about a week ago)
London’s equivalent of Times Square!
Lots of other stuff! (I forgot the names and such)
What an eye opener that was to see such a diverse, changing city. All the museums are free, and they have things that are PACKED with history, and I mean actual history. Things in America have FAR less history than London. Very nice day. TO CONCLUDE:
London has a lot of the good, and a lot of the bad. For instance, very nice history, and the European culture is a nice refreshment, but at the same time it is now a city that doesn’t try and hide some rather nasty bits and pieces. Just like any city, but the couple I am staying with says its gotten worse in the past decade. Sad to see it happen, but its not surprising. So...yeah.


  1. Yeah! Critical times hard to deal with. I used to think things like, "Oh Japan is so much better, I would like to live there, it's a well structured society.". In time I stopped comparing in the way because I realized corruption will only increase and that no nation is exempt, each one has it's own corruption, and none of them can to bring about the changes needed.
    It's great you were able to check out so many places though! It's so exciting to hear about your adventure!

  2. Yeah, even Japan has its negative things that we have to put up with. Thankfully, we have the one real fix for it, it just takes time. :]