Monday, July 9, 2012

A Sweet Farewell

Dear Readers,

It is a bitter-sweet post, this one. Sad to say, there is at least some truth to the saying: "All good things come to an end." And yes, as things will always come and go, there are always new beginnings and eventual endings.

It seems that we have come to an end, Readers.
Yes, this is the last post that I will leave on this blog.

Simply put, the time has come to put this blog to rest. Of course, my story and adventures will certainly continue as I keep to my Skyline Path in seeking to continue serving where there is a greater need for Kingdom Publishers, but for now I will not be making any additions to my blog. Perhaps at another time, but that is yet to be seen.
As grateful as I am for having been able to share my adventures with everyone, this Chapter of Writing has come to its end. What started as a way to keep family updated on my situation became a wonderful time of being able to share experiences, tell stories, and enjoy a wonderful interchange of encouragement with friends around the globe. I never knew that so many would be reading along with me as I told my humble little story, but how grateful I am to everyone who has indeed followed along.
Thank you, Readers. I really do appreciate every last one of you. And of course, thanks be to Jehovah for all He has done in my oh so short life, and all that He will continue to do for all of His servants.

If, though, this is your first time visiting my site, feel free to browse around. My Blog followed me as I was given the privilege of serving in the ministry in a high need area through my short time in Fort Portal, Uganda, the transition in Alaska again after Africa, and then through my equally short time in Bologna, Italy.

Feel free to continue to comment or ask questions if you have any. Also, don't be afraid to email me at, as I love to hear from my readers.

And Readers? Thank you.

~Trevor (Aniki)


  1. Um I think all the readers still want to hear about your awesome roommates that you have, just sayin :). Love ya bro!

  2. Dear Trevor, just because you are not in a foreign or exciting country it does not mean that your adventure as a "need-greater" ends. Many of us would like to hear about the ministry in Alaska. How has your time spent in other countries changed your ministry back home? And what about how you are working towards your goal of another adventure? Encouraging your "awesome roommates" to leave the nest for another country? Eating Ramen noodles every day to save money for your next plane ticket? Tell us about it. You'd probably be surprised at who reads your blog and how it affects people. I for one enjoy your humor and your down to earth style of writing. I would like to read more.

    Catch up with me at A Missionary's Life blog at

  3. Yes keep writing Trevor. Have really enjoyed reading the adventures of you and the others, very encouraging.

  4. Your posts will be greatly missed Trevor!! :( But thank you for all the stories and experiences you have shared with us. Your blog has been very encouraging. I hope you find yourself coming back and posting some more in the future :)

  5. Say it ain't so!!! Well, I am sad and will miss your writing. Not sure why you are puting your metaphoric pen down, but sometimes we have to redirect our energies where it really counts, right? I count it a privilege to have read your rantings, and am glad to call you my friend. Jehovah surely has a full and satisfying life in store for you! Keep us posted on the big stuff, at least!

  6. Nooo!!! I don't even Know how I Found your blog thats so long ive been reading it. I'm really gonna miss your writing. It was really nice reading about your adventures right now, that I would like to have in the future! You have been a lot of help. Well I guess if I have any questions I'll ask in an email. I sure hope Zech and Linka keep writing.

  7. MONSTER HUNTER FOR PSP VITA....u know who this is....enough be in the forest and hills.....(throws flash grenade and runs into next area)....btw....i lauta love you!


  8. Your gift in writing has inspired many, built up, encouraged, even changed lives. Ones that wanted a taste of what you were doing, you describe it so well with the right flavor, moving them to want to try it well. I wonder how many got up in the morning, or after a rough day, looked forward to logging on, and experiencing the joy of seeing a new post, ready for another taste of adventure. Traveler, if you can't write now, I truly hope that you continue it at your first opportunity, such a gift is too precious to leave behind. I hope for the best in your endeavors. Take care traveler.