Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Italy- As the Time Flies

As of today, I have about 10 days left before I return to Alaska.

Things I have left to do in Italy:

  • Go to my District Convention
  • Hand over my studies
  • Preform Publicly on the Ocarina (I mean, why not? Try and earn some lunch money)
  • Wean myself from the Cappuccinos here
  • Pack (Ooooh boy)
  • Not cry during my last meeting this coming Sunday (Floodgates, people...)
  • Say farewell to my friends here
  • Prepare for next Feb.
OH! That's right, I forgot to mention. (Not really, that was a ploy to get you hooked with curiosity)
I am returning to Italy for two months next Feb! No, no, no, the plan for Japan is still on, but I need to get at least another 2 months of Italy in while I have the opportunity! I still haven't seen Rome!
But seriously, I am not coming back for the touristy part of 'life' in Italy. The congregation here is amazing, and I can't pass up an opportunity to take part in the ministry here again. There comes that moment where a new congregation starts to feel just a sliver more like home, where you walk in and no longer feel like a guest. That happened here, and it kinda hurts to leave. Oh well, my Italy Chapter has a concluding paragraph coming up, and I better make it an amazing one at that.

As of now, Zech and I are going to Croatia again. He needs the stamp once more, and I am going to go with him for kicks. I mean, who doesn't love a little adventure? A lot of people, but I love it!

Thanks for sticking around, all, and take care! I'll update you soon about my roomies that have left, and some other happenings in the field and such here, okay?

BEEF. Its what's for dinner. (Because I can)
Where's the Beef?? (Because its before my time, but I'm not an ignorant fool of such 'forgotten times')
I'll miss you! (Because its my blog and I can cry if I wanna)

Ciao for now!

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