Friday, August 12, 2011

Alaska- Yet Another Update

Every so often, I change my mind. Every so often, I eventually make a decision. And every so often, I confuse myself and have no idea what I eventually decided. Then, THEN, something special happens:

Every so often I impress myself.

...This is not one of those times.

Long story short, I am not going to Honduras. I'm going to Italy! Why? Well, that is where the longer story comes in. Please, allow me to expound. Well, really I was going to expound anyway, with or without your permission. :D

I took a long time to get the hints that Jehovah was dropping. I'm a tad thick sometimes. "A little birdie told me" never worked on me. More like...Hitchcock's birds had to swarm me to get through to me. *shrug* But finally, like a drill with a diamond tip, Jehovah got through my thick skull what he was trying to get me to understand for a few months now: "Honduras is great, but I want you to go somewhere else for now." 
When I first started considering going to Africa, I had everything I needed within a week, and everything fell perfectly into place. Very few hiccups, very few complications. Honduras has not done that yet. Lots of complications, and lots of hiccups. In fact, I actually have no information as to where i would go, how to get there, how much it would cost, so on and so forth.
While I was following my goal of going to Honduras, I heard from my old Bethel buddy some of the amazing experiences he had in the English field while in Bologna, Italy. He told of a large need for English speaking brothers, and about how busy he was in the field and in congregational activities. Then he asked me to go. So I thought about it, I prayed about it, slept on it, prayed about it, ate, prayed again, ate again, slept again, and then I said: "LET'S DO THIS!"
So there you have it. I'm going to serve in Bologna, Italy for about three months. When? I don't really know, but I'm aiming for December. (Further away than I hoped, yeah, but *shrug*)

While I wanted to go to Honduras, it seems that Jehovah is honestly blessing Italy MORE. That causes positive aspects to *pop* into my head, like:
  • English Field (Don't have to learn a new language, this allowing me to help more)
  • Going with an old Friend (So I won't feel quite so alone)
  • It's ITALY (Nuff said)
  • I probably won't have to eat a bug (Certainly a +)
  • I hear they have really good food (Nuff said)
  • It's ITALY (Didn't I say that?)
What are the negative aspects that *pop* in my head?
  • ...
Maybe I'm a bit excited, because I can't think of many negative aspects right now. Don't you worry, I'm sure that soon enough I'll come back to reality and the reasonable Trevor will come for a visit. He's kind of lame, but he has a cool waistcoat, pocket watch, and a monocle. He really likes tea.

Questions? Comments? You know the drill. :]

Ps. Did you miss me?! Yup, I'm still around, and you won't be able to get rid of me THAT easily! *does an evil dance*


  1. Off-the-charts awesome! Too much for a comment. I'm zipping some mail over to ya.

  2. p.s. What does an 'evil dance' look like??

  3. Good to see that you are using your youth in the best possible way. May Jehovah bless you in all your endeavors. "Good it is for an able-bodied man that he should carry the yoke during his youth"(Lam 3:27). - Merwyn (from India).

  4. Jen- Hey! Thanks for the email, I'll respond soon! (ps. An evil dance looks like this: *does another evil dance*)

    Merwyn- Thank you very much for the comment! It was very encouraging! Greetings from Alaska!

  5. Quando sei in italia fai come loro, niente, dolce far niente.

  6. Italy huh? Lucky you, can't wait to see where we end up. True though when you land on a goal that Jehovah wants to happen, he makes things fall into place. Good for you. By the way Jaden hasn't been able to get hold of you, he wanted me to have you give him a call.

  7. I'm so jealous!! At least now when people tell me I am being unrealistic about English service in Europe I have a real life example!

  8. Hi Trevor,
    I haven't kept in touch lately---so I didn't know your plans have changed. It sounds like you're going to have a wonderful assignment and we look forward to hearing about it. (Unfortunately, Florida isn't on the way to Italy--maybe you'll be down our way for your next skypath after that)

    Thought you might enjoy this blog: from our friends in West Africa (Guinea)

  9. Well I can mention all the negative aspects of going to Italy if you want. And you know they're from a reliable source, an Italian one ;) but ONLY IF YOU WANT to hear them...